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Various Artists Casablanca Records Greatest Hits (1996)
Originally Released April 16, 1996 \n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: N/A\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nDONNA SUMMER Built The CASABLANCA , July 4, 2005\nReviewer: HUGO (HOUSTON, TEXAS United States)\nDONNA SUMMER earned CASABLANCA Records, more gold/platinum selling awards and millions upon millions of $$$ than any of her labelmates - she was their # 1 selling artist - it's no surprise she is represented here by almost ONE THIRD of the selections/recordings on this single disc Casablanca compilation. Anything and everything Donna Summer recorded and CASABLANCA released while she was under contract to the label exploded wide open on the radio/charts/club playlists and sold in multi-millions of units. The worldwide record buying-music loving public was smitten with Queen Of Disco darling Summer. I own the 4 Disc Casablanca Box Set also, which consists mostly of [now] rare 12" Remix/Extended Dance Classics of the Disco Era. CASABLANCA RECORDS was the #1 Disco[Era}label. They also boasted the classic rock group KISS on their roster, who were definitely [as time has also proven] in a class of their own among the label's mostly dance music oriented artists. It would only be fair to seek out the many KISS reissues and enjoy them in their remastered versions. Both Miss Summer and Kiss earned more gold and platinum records than any of their label mates... third best selling were the obviously megapopular multiplatinum selling Village People. It trickles down from there. \n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nA Lot of Repeats - A Few Rare Gems, March 16, 2005\nReviewer: Ryan A. Rigg\nThe previous reviewer complained that this CD contained nothing from Kiss and only one Parliament song. I assume this was done because the CD concentrates on the Disco/R&B influenced tunes of the late 70's. I think a Kiss tune would sound completely out of place here, except for possibly "I Was Made for Loving You", which was their foray into the disco/rock music of 1979. \n\nAs a huge Donna Summer fan, I already own her songs represented here on umpteen Greatest Hits collections. Same thing with the Village People tunes. What I truly enjoy about this CD are the rare tunes: "Star Wars Theme" by Meco; "Give Up the Funk" by Parliament; "Chase" by Giorgio Moroder; "Music, Harmony & Rhythm" by Brooklyn Dreams; and my favorite track on the CD "Yes, I'm Ready" by Teri DeSario with KC. \n\nThe recordings here are all orginal recordings. The liner notes are decent. There is also a "Casablanca Records Story" Box Set which is also good, but it contains a lot more obscure tunes. For the casual listener who wants the big Disco/R&B hits put out by Casabalanca in the late 70's early 80's, this is the CD for you.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nWhere's KISS? A nice but very incomplete tribute album., October 14, 1999\nReviewer: juupdontrii (Iowa City, Iowa (USA))\nThis would be a great (four star) album if I just rated it on it's songs. However, it's supposed to be a tribute to Casablanca Records and the 1970's. Given this, I gave it only three stars because of what it is missing. There aren't any songs by KISS and there is only one song by Parliament. Anyone who knows the story of Casablanca Records knows that KISS and Parliament were two of the biggest instruments in the labels success. Leaving KISS off of this album is like doing an "EMI Remembers The 1960's" album and not including the Beatles. KISS and Parliament were two of the first groups Neil Bogart signed to Casablanca Records and KISS "Alive!" was the album that would make or break the label. Of course, it became Casablanca's first major success and paved the way for everything on "Casablanca Records Greatest Hits." I hope Polygram modifies this CD some day to include more from these two groups. It will be an excellent (five star) album and I won't hesitate to buy it when they do.\n\nHalf.com Album Notes\nProducers: Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte (tracks 1-2, 10, 17); Jacques Morali (tracks 3, 8, 15); Alec R. Costandinos (track 4); Steven Greenberg (track 5); Giorgio Moroder (tracks 6, 13); Meco Monardo, Tony Bongiovi (track 7); George Clinton (track 9); Simon Soussan (track 11); Michael Sembello (track 12); Skip Konte (track 14); Bob Esty (track 16); H.W. Casey (track 18); Daryl Dragon (track 19); Giorgio Moroder, Bob Esty (track 20).\n\nCompilation producers: Bil Levenson, Harry Weinger.\nIncludes liner notes by Don Charles.\nDigitally remastered by Suha Gur.\n\nIndustry Reviews\n3 Stars - Good - ...Casablanca's groove...helped launch punk and the British jazz-funk movement in that both fought against the tyranny of thudding bass drums and chants that wouldn't test a goldfish's memory....The records were frequently wonderful...\nQ Magazine (10/01/1996)
This rock cd contains 20 tracks and runs 77min 49sec.
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  1. Various Artists - Donna Summer / Hot Stuff (05:15)
  2. Various Artists - Donna Summer / Bad Girls (04:57)
  3. Various Artists - Village People / YMCA (03:48)
  4. Various Artists - Love And Kisses / Thank God It's Friday (03:21)
  5. Various Artists - Lipps, Inc / Funkytown (03:59)
  6. Various Artists - Donna Summer / On The Radio (04:07)
  7. Various Artists - Meco / Star Wars Theme (03:34)
  8. Various Artists - Village People / Macho Man (03:30)
  9. Various Artists - Parliament / Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off) (03:45)
  10. Various Artists - Donna Summer / I Feel Love (03:49)
  11. Various Artists - Pattie Brooks / After Dark (03:41)
  12. Various Artists - Michael Sembello / Maniac (04:20)
  13. Various Artists - Giorgio Moroder / Chase (03:42)
  14. Various Artists - Brooklyn Dreams / Music, Harmony & Rhythm (03:37)
  15. Various Artists - Village People / In The Navy (03:46)
  16. Various Artists - Cher / Take Me Home (03:29)
  17. Various Artists - Donna Summer / Dim All The Lights (04:07)
  18. Various Artists - Teri Desario with K.C. / Yes, I'm Ready (03:18)
  19. Various Artists - Captain & Tennille / Do That To Me One More Time (04:15)
  20. Various Artists - Donna Summer / Last Dance (03:18)

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