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Phil and Friends 20060709D3 (2006)
Bethel Woods Center For The Arts Bethel, NY July 9, 2006 \n\nSet 2 (cont)\n\nDISC 3: 1) Dark Star> 2) High Time 3) *Turn On Your Lovelight 4) E: Donor Rap/Intro 5) *He's Gone> 6) *Touch of Grey> 7) *Box of Rain \n\n*with Greg Osby Phil Lesh (bass, vocals) Greg Osby (sax) Joan Osborne (lead vocals) John Molo (drums) Rob Barraco (keys) Barry Sless (pedal steel) Larry Campbell (guitar, fiddle, mandolin) Trey Anastasio\n\nMixed and mastered by Wiz CD covers can be found at www.phillesh.net Big thanks to all the mirror sites! \n\nTHIS SOUNDBOARD IS **FREE** THANKS TO PHIL & FRIENDS (WWW.PHILLESH.NET)
This rock cd contains 7 tracks and runs 61min 32sec.
Freedb: 5d0e6a07
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  1. Phil and Friends - Dark Star> (17:40)
  2. Phil and Friends - High Time (09:17)
  3. Phil and Friends - *Turn On Your Lovelight (10:57)
  4. Phil and Friends - E: Donor Rap/Intro (02:49)
  5. Phil and Friends - *He's Gone> (08:09)
  6. Phil and Friends - *Touch of Grey> (06:32)
  7. Phil and Friends - *Box of Rain (06:02)

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