Desiderata: We Are Not Convinced There Has Been Any Improvement CD Track Listing

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Desiderata We Are Not Convinced There Has Been Any Improvement (2006)
This rock cd contains 10 tracks and runs 38min 39sec.
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  1. Desiderata - Pimptro (02:39)
  2. Desiderata - Why Sell It When We Can Burn It Down! (04:14)
  3. Desiderata - I Fell Through A Crack In The Ice The Other Day, Almost Broke My Leg But It Could Have Ended Badly (02:38)
  4. Desiderata - Fritz Called It Magnum (04:46)
  5. Desiderata - People Say You're Obtuse, But I Think You're Acute (02:25)
  6. Desiderata - Eli's Night Out As A Paparazzi (05:13)
  7. Desiderata - Syntherlude (01:28)
  8. Desiderata - Girls Like Guys With Armour Plating (08:54)
  9. Desiderata - You Think You Know Someone Until They Stab You In The Face With A Potato Peeler (02:09)
  10. Desiderata - You Probably Already Know Since You're In The Know (04:05)

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