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Midnight Oil Midnight Oil (1978)
CBS 450902 2Peter Garrett: vocalsRobert Hirst: drums, vocalsJames Moginie: guitar, keyboardsAndrew James: bassMartin Rotsey: guitarProduced by Keith Walker, Marlyn Productions and Midnight Oil.1978. YEAR: 1978
This rock cd contains 7 tracks and runs 34min 2sec.
Freedb: 6607f807
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  1. Midnight Oil - Powderworks (05:35)
    there's a shit storm a coming i feel it coming soonthere's a time and a place there's a moment in spacewhen the fat boys call the tunethere's a bubble a bouncing and it's bouncing my waythere's two sticks in the powderworksi think it's
  2. Midnight Oil - Head over heels (04:05)
    i'm head over heels you know how it feels to be in lovei'm head over heels holding back the chills of lovei think i like the sound we're chasingi'm giving it all and you're recprocatingi'm head over heelsturning back the wheels of lo
  3. Midnight Oil - Dust (03:20)
    it's 2am in town hall stationblack walls and sleeping drunks are bad companionsice is therefear is thereeveryone is nowhere there's too much of nothingtake me awaytake me awayit's 2am in town hall stationflashing faces and grey herds no comparisonso sorry
  4. Midnight Oil - Used and abused (03:12)
    i was taken downtown for my part in the demonstrationi was used and abusedwith the light in my eyes at the station i saidno no! you got the wrong manno no! don't pick on me againno no! i'm going home to myfamily and friends
  5. Midnight Oil - Surfing with a spoon (05:22)
    well you knew from the startthat a one way loving wouldn't lastyou think i'm moving slowly girli tell you you're moving way too fastworking in the city from nine to fivetraffic on the highway gonna blow my mindsurfing with aspoon all the rest of
  6. Midnight Oil - Run by night (03:57)
    i'm on the whisky flying and i'll run by nighti'm on the whisky runnin' and i'll run by nighti'm on the whisky cycle shut my eyes to the bitei'm on the whisky cycle shake my fist to the bitei'm on the whisky flying
  7. Midnight Oil - Nothing lost - nothing gained (08:26)
    in my world there are sorrowsthat i'd rather drown in happinesscome the morning when the darkness' throughthat story's bound to changeand in my world and in my worldit's all the sameand nothing's ventured nothing's gainedand nothing's los

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