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Ablaze My Sorrow The Plague (1997)
Ablaze My Sorrow:\nAnders Brorsson - Bass and Vocals\nMagnus Carlsson - Guitars\nFredrik Arnesson - Lead Vocals\nDennie Linden - Lead Guitars and Vocals\nAlex Bengtsson - Drums\n\nAdditionnal vocal performances by Daniel Heiman and Mathias Lodmalm.\n\nRecorded in Studiomega, August/September 1997.\nProduced by Christian Silver and Ablaze My Sorrow.\nAssisted by Peter Svensson and Ablaze My Sorrow.\nEngineered by Christian Silver.\nMixed by Christian Silver, Alex Bengtsson and Magnus Carlsson.\nDigital editing by Kristian Olssen.\nMastered by Mia Lorentzson at Polar Mastering, Stockholm.\n\nBandphotos taken by Pernilla T.Dahnberg\nCover artwork and digital design by P.Gron\n\n@1997 No Fashion Records
This rock cd contains 10 tracks and runs 35min 1sec.
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  1. Ablaze My Sorrow - Dusk... (00:14)
  2. Ablaze My Sorrow - The Truth Is Sold (04:03)
  3. Ablaze My Sorrow - Into The Land Of Dreams (04:11)
  4. Ablaze My Sorrow - Mournful Serenade (04:38)
  5. Ablaze My Sorrow - The Return Of The Mighty Raven (04:21)
  6. Ablaze My Sorrow - I Will Be Your God (04:11)
  7. Ablaze My Sorrow - Plague Of Mine (04:43)
  8. Ablaze My Sorrow - As The Dove Falls Turn Apart (04:06)
  9. Ablaze My Sorrow - Suicide (02:09)
  10. Ablaze My Sorrow - ...Dawn (02:18)

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