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Tower Of Power Monster On A Leash (1991)
YEAR: 1991 ID3G: 5\n\nTower Of Power:\nEmilio Castillo - tenor sax., background vocals, lead vocal on "Funk The Dumb Stuff"\nRuss McKinnon - drums, percussion\nStephen "Doc" Kupka - baritone sax.\nGreg Adams - trumpet, flugelhorn, background vocals\nLee Thornburg - trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, background vocals, lead vocal on "Keep Your Monster On A Leash"\nCarmen Grillo - guitar, background vocals\nSteve Grove - alto & tenor sax.\nRocco Prestia - bass\nNick Milo - keyboards\nTom Bowes - lead vocals\n\nTrack notes:\n1. E. Castillo-N. Milo-D. Meyers-Z. Zirngiebel\n2. E. Castillo-S. Kupka-H. Lewis\n3. B. Candler-C. Grillo-G. Mathieson\n4. E. Castillo-S. Kupka\n5. E. Castillo-S. Kupka-S. Knape\n6. E. Castillo-S. Kupka-F. Prestia\n7. G. Adams-E. Castillo-F. Prestia\n8. T. Dexter-C Grillo\n9. E. Castillo-S. Kupka-D. Woodford\n10. E. Castillo-S. Kupka-H. Lewis-T. Scott\n11. G. Adams-B. Kent\n12. G. Adams-N. Milo
This rock cd contains 12 tracks and runs 58min 19sec.
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  1. Tower Of Power - A Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing) (04:27)
  2. Tower Of Power - How Could This Happen To Me (04:12)
  3. Tower Of Power - Who Do You Think You Are (04:24)
  4. Tower Of Power - Attitude Dance (05:37)
  5. Tower Of Power - You Can't Fall Up (You Just Fall Down) (04:57)
  6. Tower Of Power - Funk The Dumb Stuff (05:30)
  7. Tower Of Power - Believe It (04:37)
  8. Tower Of Power - Personal Possessions (05:08)
  9. Tower Of Power - Miss Trouble (Got A Lot Of Nerve) (04:47)
  10. Tower Of Power - Keep Your Monster On A Leash (04:36)
  11. Tower Of Power - Someone New (04:31)
  12. Tower Of Power - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (05:25)

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