New Order: Substance Abuse 1994 CD Track Listing

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New Order Substance Abuse 1994
1994 Factory Records
This rock cd contains 11 tracks and runs 73min 39sec.
Freedb: a611410b
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  1. New Order - Blue Monday (DMC Mix) (07:11)
    Mix by Paul Dakeyne
  2. New Order - 5-8-6 (Razormaid Mix) (05:25)
    Mix by Art Maharg
  3. New Order - Perfect Kiss (Hot Tracks Mix) (08:54)
    Mix by Mark Trollan
  4. New Order - Subculture (Razormaid Mix v2.0) (08:31)
    Mix by Joseph Watt. Additional vocals by Debora Iyall.
  5. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Hot Tracks Mix) (07:48)
    Mix by Steve Bourasa
  6. New Order - Touched by the Hand of God (Razormaid Mix) (05:40)
    Mix by Art Maharg
  7. New Order - Fine Time (Prime Cuts Mix) (05:54)
    Mix by Howard Prince and Phillip Columbus
  8. New Order - Subculture (Razormaid Mix v3.0) (06:56)
    Mix by Joseph Watt
  9. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Razormaid Mix) (06:22)
    Mix by Art Maharg
  10. New Order - Confusion (DMC Mix) (05:24)
    Mix by Dimitri
  11. New Order - True Faith (Future Mix/Disco Tech Mix) (05:27)
    Mix by DJ Vlad, DJ Sonic and Roy Mcleod

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