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Pat Travers Band Live! Go For What You Know (1979)
Live! Go For What You Know\n\nOriginally Released 1979\nCD Edition Released April 6, 1993\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Pat Travers never sounded more focused and inspired than he does on Live! Go for What You Know, which was recorded during the Canadian hard rocker/blues-rocker's U.S. tour of early 1979. Travers can really burn on stage, and this album reflects that. Backed by guitarist Pat Thrall (who had been a member of the obscure space rock band Automatic Man in 1976 and 1977), bassist Mars Gowling, and drummer Tommy Aldridge, the singer is in top form on explosive, definitive versions of funky originals like "Heat in the Street," "Gettin' Betta," and "Makes No Difference." But the best-known thing on the album is Travers' gutsy performance of Stan Lewis' blues classic "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)," which should not be confused with the John Lee Hooker favorite "Boom Boom." For Travers, "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)" has been a major crowd pleaser, and the version heard on this release was a staple of album rock radio in 1979 and the early '80s. If you're exploring Travers' music for the first time, Live! Go for What You Know is among the CDs to start with. -- Alex Henderson\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nHOTTEST LIVE SET EVER, September 27, 2006\nReviewer: Matthew J. Rosenfeld (Brookline, MA United States)\nI used to worship this album in the early 1980's, and it has stood the test of time. These timeless classics are delivered with a tightness and boogie funk style not heard since. Even the Chili Peppers would have a hard time keeping up with the pace put on by Travers, Tommy Aldridge (one the greatest rock drummers ever), Pat Thrall (with his trademark guitar licks) and Mars Cowling (the most underrated bassist in Rock's history). This is a 'front to backer' so just start it up and let it go. The pace sets as a bruising rock and funk marathon, increasing in intensity up until the very last notes of the record. It's too bad more artists don't listen to this disc before going out on stage. "GO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW" is something all musicians should know. \n\nHow does this band do it? Stopping and turning on a dime, weaving guitars and bass with a blues tightness or a jazz improv looseness at the same time. Cowling takes mini bass solos over dual guitars and a double-bass drum attack that boggles the mind. Sure, you've probably heard "BOOM BOOM OUT GOES THE LIGHTS," but how well do you know "GETTIN' BETTA"??? Dance to it, study it, marvel over it. This is as tight as rock gets. And don't doubt it - Pat Travers' voice here is urgent, soulful, and inspired. \n\nWhen all the other live albums get tucked away in the collection and classified as "not as good as the studio versions," Pat Travers has the distinction of using the live arena to perfect the songs he developed for the true rock music lovers. Like the announcer says at the beginning of the disc, Pat Travers is here to kick your %$$. \n\nThank you Pat Travers, again and again!!!!\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nGreatest live, straight ahead guitar rock album EVER?, October 12, 2005\nA Kid's Review\nYes, it certainly might be. This is an artist & his ridiculously capable bandmates with something to prove...& prove it they indeed do. This is how it's done kids...solid, rythmic, interesting foundations; intelligent, intricate yet unpretentious arrangements; a near possesed, surgical & ultra-tight rythym section; textural, roaring guitar sounds & just plain supercharged playing EVERYWHERE. 20+ years later & this record still sets people on fire...these guys literally split the atom on this one. Why this isn't on every guitar fans desert island list is an absolute mystery. If you don't own it, well, you need to. A TRUE CLASSIC.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nAn Essential "Live" Rock Recording From Pat Travers, October 5, 2005\nReviewer: R. Gorham "RCG2"\n"Go For What You Know" (1979) was a series of live shows in Austin, TX and 3 different music halls in Florida. On this tour (1978-89) the band was in rare form. Meet the band: Pat Travers (guitar & vocals), Pat Thrall (guitar), Mars Cowling (bass), and Tommy Aldridge (drums). Thrall and Cowling were wonderful back-ups to Travers and both under-rated on their guitars. Aldridge came to be a journeyman drummer having stints with Travers, Black Sabbath, Black Oak Arkansas, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, and recent live albums with Ted Nugent and Thin Lizzy. "Go For What You Know" is 8 songs long and clocks in at approximately 42 minutes. The feeling you get from this album - energy accompanied by amazing musicianship. This band, with the best line up of players it ever enjoyed, was NEVER better. Other 70's bands like Deep Purple, UFO, Frampton, Kiss, Rush, Foghat all had their own classic "live" albums... and this one was right up there with them. Travers brought his Canadian blues rock style to the stage in great fashion... playing small intimate clubs was his speciality. The songs: 3 songs from "Makin' Magic" (1977) are here - "Stevie", "Hooked On Music" and the title song; 2 songs from "Putting It Straight" (1977) - "Gettin' Betta" and the title song; 2 songs from "Heat In The Street" (1978) - "Go All Night" and the title song; and the mega hit "Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)" from his early (unheard of) self titled album (1976). Like Peter Frampton's songs from "Frampton Comes Alive" - so many of the songs actually sound better 'live' than they did on the studio album... I think the same holds true with Travers. His versions here of "Boom Boom" and "Stevie" are simply electric and the crowd is totally into it (hard to narrow down the best songs here - they're all great). This is truly a great "live" recording and essential in any rock & roll library... the only thing bad about this album I can say is that it's not long enough! A classic.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nThe CD deservers a TEN STAR rating, September 7, 2005\nReviewer: Christopher C. Ryan "The Rocker" (Florida, U.S.A.)\nI'll keep it short and simple. There has NEVER, been ANY, band in the history of Rock'n Roll to play this well on a given night and be lucky enough to have it recorded. And I'm including Rush and Dream Theater in that statement. The interplay between Travers, Thrall, Aldridge and Cowling defies description. Each member was playing at 100% of their ability and IT SHOWS!!!! Pat has never been able to recreate that magic with any of his future lineups. The only thing I find criminal is that this wasn't a double album. \n\nP.S. Peter "Mars" Cowling IS without question, one of the greatest bass players on the planet - and nobody knows who he is!!!!!!! It just aint fair.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nPat Travers Band "Go for What You Know" (LIVE!), March 11, 2004\nReviewer: JAMES MCCORMICK (cedar rapids, Iowa United States)\nTake everything I stated about the last three albums ("Making Magic," "Putting it Straight," & "Heat in the Street") & turn it up a notch. The funk, the speed, the technical skill, the song writing! "Go for What You Know" is a live album to end all live albums. Here is a band that is so driven by their kinetic funk/metal energy that the sounds in this album threaten to overwhelm the listener. Riffs, leads, bass lines, drums exploding through the stratosphere anchored down to a funky killer groove! I'll not go into song by song as the other reviews, for all is a funky whole on this album. Even the classic blues of "Boom Boom (Out goes the Lights)" is a high energy masterpiece. No duds here! PT exited the 70's with an Icon & legacy that many bands in the late 80's would be inspired by. This man & his band are the link from Hendrix to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, King's X, Extreme, Living Colour, just to name a few. His work is essential for anyone wanting to understand where this type of music came from. A true master & original, Pat Travers.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\n5 STARS, nothing less., February 10, 2004\nReviewer: A music fan\nWow! The reviews are in and it's unanimous. 5 STARS, nothing less.\nI just replaced my vinyl copies of Puttin' It Straight and Heat in the Street with the double cd containing both albums. (You can get them individually since they were just released and are available at I am now ready to replace this selection from my Pat Travers vinyl collection.\n\nI am thrilled to read so much positive stuff in support of Pat Travers and his band. I turned my band mates onto Pat. I turned my friends that played in other bands onto Pat. It seemed to me that only the musicians on Long Island in the late 70's took to Pat Travers, and the rest of the world wasn't ready. Maybe it was for the best. I might have gotten tired of him if EVERYBODY was into him. I saw him on tour to support this album at the Calderone Theater in Hempstead, Long Island, NY. A movie theater with incredible acoustics that was converted into a concert hall. small hall, BIG sound. Amazing venue.\n\nHats off to Pat. He went out and got the best to help him deliver his goods. Tommy Aldridge's double-bass pedal work sounds like someone playing a quadruple-bass kit. And he wasn't just about speed. Look up "syncopation" in the dictionary. That's a picture of Tommy's feet next to the definition. Mars Cowling's bass lines were the coolest things on four strings. (Pat credits him with bass and inspiration on all his albums.) The rhythm section of that band was what kept it all together and gave it that incredibly tight sound. Pat Thrall was just the touch Travers needed to compliment him and his songs. Never took over Pat's show, he just showed up when he was needed to blow you away, and happily went back to rockin' alongside Pat. A tight cohesive unit without egos in this band. I challenge anybody to name a band that could rock this hard and tight, LIVE! Man, I miss this band.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nThe Best Live Album of All Time---Bar None!!!, October 31, 2003\nReviewer: RJ (Las Vegas, Nevada United States)\nFrom the introduction, "From the streets of Toronto, to the Streets of London; Now here he is to Kick Your Ass!! The Pat Travers Band!!" This album does exactly that. It kicks from the first bar of the first tune to the last bar of the last tune!! This is not just an in-your-face rocker, however. These are finely crafted tunes and the band is ultra-tight. Pat Travers and Pat Thrall (one of the finest rock guitarists of all-time in his own right) work incredibly together with impecable taste and flare. Mars Cowling is an incredible bass player with killer lines throughout. Tommy Aldridge, on drums, is also out-of-this world on this record (also known for his stints with Ozzy, Whitesnake, and Black Oak Arkansas)! Unless you're totally out-of-touch with music, you'll absolutely love this album. This one deserves the Hall of Fame!\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nlean, taut, tight, and punchy rock 'n' ROLLLL, June 25, 2003\nReviewer: ChefBum "chefbum" (Fremont,, CA United States)\nI finally got 'Live! Go for What You Know' by Pat Travers after years of only being vaguely familiar with him, most notably for the hit, 'Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)', which happens to be one of the tracks on this album. \nThe first thing that hit me about this band is how tight and focused they sound. They hit you like a big wall of energy. From track one to the end, they just don't stop. I just love the crunchy yet bright tone that both Pat Travers and Pat Thrall get out of their guitars. Whatever effects pedals they were using, I've got to get 'em! \n\nAlong with interesting embellishments, licks, and rhythmic changeups, the other thing that really struck me later after repeated listening is just how great of a sense of rhythm these guitarists have. Everything sounds so taut and punchy (ESPECIALLY for a live recording), you can just tell these guys were RIGHT ON and groovin' as a band. My favorite tracks are tracks #3 and #8, 'Go All Night' and 'Makes No Difference'. These guys don't just go out and slog through another number-- they attack these songs as if it were the last time they were ever going to play!\n\nYou can just FEEL the energy and the enthusiasm for the music on this record. It was an 80's classic, but it should be remembered as a great example of Pat Travers and his awesome band at their peak. It still compares very, very favorably to any live recorded performance out there, ever.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nPat Travers Makes One Of The Great 70s Live Albums, September 13, 2002\nReviewer: A music fan\nGO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW is one of the best live albums of the 70s.\nThe energy level is so high, it's a wonder Travers and his band don't run out of gas halfway through the album. The rendition of "Heat In The Street" really pushes the pedals, but the whole album has the feel of a fitness fanatic on a tear. Bands like Guns 'N' Roses rock this hard only in their dreams.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nUnderated classic, July 31, 2002\nReviewer: Undertaker\nPat Travers was always underated like his close peers Frank Marino and Robin Trower. He was an amazing guitarist. This live album is a dose of him at his heavy metal best. If you like Mahogany Rush, Robin Trower, Ted Nugent, Montrose or just 70's metal in general, you will love this. This is a classic live record. Tommy Aldridge was at his best in Travers band(he was sounding better then any of his work with Black Oak, Whitesnake, or his one album with Ozzy). The energy is amazing. Like many 70's metal classics, this is underated and largely unknown.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nGET THIS NOW!, June 14, 2001\nReviewer: musicmaniacfromNY (Long Island, New York)\nSeptember 14, 1979, a night before my 22nd birthday, I witnessed the most intense, jaw dropping concert, that I have ever experienced in my life. It was the kind of concert, that left me speechless, so totally blown away, that I couldn't describe it accurately to anybody. The fact that I remember this concert vividly to this day, 22 years later, should give you a hint of the impact it had on me. \nAnyway, on that night, I went with a friend to see Pat Travers Band (this group exactly on this album). The show was at the Calderone Concert Hall in Hempstead, New York....\n\nIt was the last night of their American tour, and I was there. Pat Travers Band played what was undoubtedly, one of the most powerfully intense and SERIOUS concert of his career.\n\nMy friend who was with me, and older than me, told me that the show was as good as when he saw Jimi Hendrix at Madison Square Garden years before.\n\nIn closing, although the sonic quality of this album pales in comparison to the show I saw, it's a VERY accurate musical depiction of the show that I saw, at around the same time that this was released. This is the Pat Travers Band at their PEAK, so go BUY IT!!!! \n\nThe thing that I keep thinking about, is, that if this band played in front of a Woodstock crowd, for instance, back then, they would have been HUGE instantly! The Pat Travers Band was one of the most underappreciated, unknown LEGENDARY bands EVER!\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nPat's best, even though it's live, April 7, 2001\nReviewer: Michael J Harrington (Phoenix, Arizona USA)\nThis LP was my first intro to Pat Travers, and after subsequently hearing all the studio LP's that made up this live set , I must say that this is better! (and I NEVER thought that I would say that about a LIVE cd!!!).\nPat is an exemplary 80's hard rock guitarist, and his music had a certain 'hook and groove' that was unique. His lineup on this CD was the best lineup he ever had in his career - Thrall on guitar, Aldridge on drums - along with his long-time companion on bass - Cowling. Together, they come together to bring a new level of energy into each and every song on the CD.\n\nOne side note - my bro and I used to joke about the fact that Pat wears a watch on the front cover - I mean, really, does this guy worry about what time it is when he is doing one of his great wailing guitar solos, or does he say 'it is 11 PM - gotta wait..'????\n\nOne quick note on the music - very 80's or the essence of it, with great guitarwork throughout...akin to Robin Trower or Hendrix...blues and rock marriage made in heaven...NOT heavy metal, but an uplifted version of the hard rock we all should remember from some 10 years ago...\n\nAnyway, if you don't know it, then go for it, otherwise GO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW!\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nTrue Story, March 1, 2001\nReviewer: andrew ward (Bellingham, WA. USA)\nI was in a small but Crowded guitar oriented music shop when I put this CD in. The CD player was running through th PA system and I am friends with the shop owner so I turned it up, however, not as loud as I wanted to but it was quite loud (95db). A few minutes into it a kid about 17 years old walked up to me and screamed over the music, "who ... is this?" Between tracks I hit the pause button and chatted with this kid. He was litterally moved to almost tears, his eyes were briming with moisture and the hair on his arms was standing straight up. He said, "That is the most incredible thing I have ever heard" He, at that point in his life had been playing guitar for about 7 years and he was struck dumb by this record. He gushed over it in his descriptions "the drums, my god!, the bass is super tight and those two guitar players!!!" If you play in a ROCK band and you don't know every single note of this record you are in for the surprise of your life, because this collection of players is as solid as any four guys I have ever heard, ever. The sheer ATTACK is beyond comprehension. Order one copy right now and get ready to practice your butt off because none of it is easy to play but it is rewarding. (Caution!!! Do not attempt to drive while listening to this CD)\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\ngreat guitar rock, August 4, 1999\nReviewer: Tony Menendez (Missoula, Montana USA)\nThis is certainly one of the better live hard-rock CD's that is available, and it also functions as a sort of a time capsule, preserving a glimpse of an era when guitar gods like Travers, Robin Trower, and Frank Marino were revered and wildly popular. Today's spare, minimalist approach did not apply back when this CD was recorded. No, the emphasis was on blistering, fast, high volume guitarists who played every soaring, bombastic song as if it were their last. Travers is sensational here. He and his co-guitarist, Pat Thrall, create stunning walls of heavy-metal mayhem. If there's a better live guitar-god song than "Makes No Difference" I've never heard it. Plus, the drummer on this CD, Tommy Aldridge, was at the time the best hard-rock drummer on the planet, and his playing here is unbelievable. Listen to him absolutely rip apart "Go All Night". Killer! This is a damned good CD. It's hard to imagine anyone who likes hard rockand roll being disappointed in it.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nGuitarist's Guitarist, April 11, 1999\nReviewer: A music fan\nPat Travers and his band played circles around any band in the late 70's and 80's. His bandmates, Pat Thrall, and Bassist Mars Cowling, along with phenom drummer, Tommy Aldridge were the tightest and funkiest!!!! This CD is only rivaled by out of print LP PUTTING IT STRAIGHT (Life in London). If you are a Guitarist and dont have a single Pat Travers album, then get busy and order it!!!\n\n\ Details \nProducer: Pat Travers, Tom Allom \n\nAlbum Notes\nPat Travers Band: Pat Travers, Pat Thrall (guitar, vocals), Mars Cowling (bass), Tommy Aldridge (drums).\n\nRecorded live at the Opry House, Austin, Texas; Great Southern Music Hall, Orlando, Florida; Great Southern Music Hall, Gainesville, Florida; Gusman Hall, Miami, Florida in January and February 1979.\n\nDigitally remastered by Andrew Nicholas (Polygram Studios).\n\nAll songs written or co-written by Pat Travers except "Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)" (Stan Lewis).
This rock cd contains 8 tracks and runs 42min 19sec.
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  1. Pat Travers Band - Hooked On Music (06:25)
  2. Pat Travers Band - Gettin' Betta (04:52)
  3. Pat Travers Band - Go All Night (04:02)
  4. Pat Travers Band - Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) (05:05)
  5. Pat Travers Band - Stevie (06:21)
  6. Pat Travers Band - Makin' Magic (04:00)
  7. Pat Travers Band - Heat In The Street (04:24)
  8. Pat Travers Band - Makes No Difference (07:03)

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