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Rolling Stones Ladies & Gentleman
First concert film in history. Debuted in New York's \nZeigfeld Theater with a custom sound system in \nquad. Many luminaries were involved in the creation\nof this film: Bob Fosse, John Lennon, Robert Frank, \nCat Stevens and The Who. It is The Rolling Stones \nat their zenith. Superhuman speeds and precision\ncreating what easily ranks as the most exciting Rock\nconcert EVER. This film comes as close as possible to\nreliving this historic concert which represents in many \nways, the end of Rock & Roll and the culmination of \nthe talent of the 60s' with the technological \nimprovements of the 70s'. This period saw the\nintroduction of brass to "fatten up" the sound and \nthe results are spectacular.\nThis first all-stadium tour shattered every attendance \nrecord before it including that of The Beatles and Elvis \nPresley. A historic 90 minutes in Rock's history. \nThe Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the world at their \ngreatest moment. A year later we find hints of Disco \npolluting even The Stones Hard Rock, making this \nan even more important documentary of the beginning\nof the "Death of Rock & Roll".\nA irony in the great competition between The Stones \nand The Beatles during the 60s' where in 1969, \nThe Stones had surpassed The Beatles \nin popularity and we find John Lennon himself \ncontributing on this film which in some ways,\ndemonstrates this "passing of the baton".
This rock cd contains 17 tracks and runs 77min 24sec.
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  1. Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar (03:20)
  2. Rolling Stones - Bitch (04:02)
  3. Rolling Stones - Rocks Off (03:45)
  4. Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (05:20)
  5. Rolling Stones - Don't Lie To Me (02:11)
  6. Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice (04:35)
  7. Rolling Stones - Love In Vain (06:27)
  8. Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia (04:13)
  9. Rolling Stones - All Down The Line (04:00)
  10. Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want (07:50)
  11. Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler (12:16)
  12. Rolling Stones - Band Introduction (00:47)
  13. Rolling Stones - Bye Bye Johnny (03:07)
  14. Rolling Stones - Rip This Joint (02:25)
  15. Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man (03:50)
  16. Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash (03:39)
  17. Rolling Stones - Medley (Uptight/Satisfaction) (05:28)

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