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Arthur Brown Legboot (2002)
The Legendary "God of Hellfire" during a recent tour of the UK, with Chris Bryant on Guitar and Nick Pynn on dulcimer, violin, guitar and bass pedals. In 2004, he's still touring with a brilliant 2-hour set. See (Frank Gilbert, April 2004)
This rock cd contains 9 tracks and runs 46min 50sec.
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  1. Arthur Brown - Hard Rain (05:27)
    Excellent reworked Dylan classic
  2. Arthur Brown - All The Bells (05:20)
  3. Arthur Brown - I Put A Spell On You (04:07)
    Try his 1968 recording of this - it's perfect
  4. Arthur Brown - Voices Of Love (07:09)
  5. Arthur Brown - Fire Poem (02:49)
    The basis for this was written when Arthur was 15 I believe
  6. Arthur Brown - Fire (05:03)
  7. Arthur Brown - That's How Strong My Love Is (04:34)
  8. Arthur Brown - Kites (05:44)
    Great cover of this song originally by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound
  9. Arthur Brown - Devil's Grip (06:30)
    Arthur's pre-Fire 1960s single that suffered due to a vinyl shortage incredibly!

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