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The Residents Mark of the Mole (1981)
With Guest Star Intermission\n\nMark of the Mole features the voices of Penn Jillete\nand Nessie Lessons. Intermission features backing singers:\nAnnie Stocking, Jeanette Sartain, and Joan Cashel.\nVocal arrangements by J. Raoul Brody. \nCover byProno Graphics. CD package by Rex Ray\n\nWritten and performed by The Residents\nPublushed (sic) by Pale Pachycerm Publishing (BMI)\nProduced by the Cryptic Corporation\nReleased under license by Torso Records\n(c) (p) 1981, 1982, 1988, The Cryptic Corporation\n\nINTERMISSION\nIn 1982 and 83 The Residents took "The Mole Show"\non the road. The highly acclaimed work was offset by\nopening, closing, and intermission music that had been\nrecorded by The Residents especially for the presentation.\nThe music was eventually released on vinyl as Intermission.\nIn adding Intermission here to Mark of the Mole, a sense \nof reflective "commenting" follows the bleak Mole tragedy.\nFor those of you with a sense of more integration between\nthese two independent recordings, try programing your\nCD player with selection 7 first, followed by selections 1-3.\nThen stick in 8,9, and 10, and follow those with 4,5 and 6.\nFinally, cap it all of (sic) with selection 11.\n\n(Note: '7' and '8' are one track on the CD)
This rock cd contains 10 tracks and runs 66min 34sec.
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  1. The Residents - Voices of the Air (02:56)
    (Side one: Voices of the Air)
  2. The Residents - The Ultimate Disaster (08:59)
    Won't you keep us working?\nFirst warning\nBack to normality?\nThe sky falls!\nWhy are we crying?\nThe tunnels are filliing\nIt never stops
  3. The Residents - Migration (07:18)
    March to the sea\nThe observer\nHole-workers new hymn
  4. The Residents - Another Land (04:41)
    (Side two: Hole-workers vs man and machine)\n\nRumors\nArrival\nDeployment\nSaturation
  5. The Residents - The New Machine & Final Confrontation (17:20)
    Ideas\nConstruction\nFailure/reconstruction\nSuccess/Driveing the Moles away\nDon't tread on me\nThe short war\nResolution?
  6. The Residents - Lights Out (prelude) (05:54)
  7. The Residents - Shorty's Lament (intermission) (06:48)
  8. The Residents - The Moles are Coming (intermission) (02:58)
  9. The Residents - Would We Be Alive (intermission) (05:13)
  10. The Residents - The New Hymn (recessional) (04:21)

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