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Huber Music Company we are norml\nCopyright 2003 The Huber Music Company\n\nthe huber music company is:\npat bodell/ six string and fretless bass\nmatt rupnow/ electric guitar and vocals\nalex bernet/ hammond organ, fender rhodes, piano, acoustic guitar, and vocals\nkevin mcnally/ electric and acoustic guitars, and vocals\nerik madsen/ skins and auxillary percussion\n\nadditonal musicians:\n*jimmy voegli/ hammond b-3 on 'heartbreak penthouse suite'\nken 'birddog' olufs/ harmonica on 'california blues'\n*gary hendrickson/ guitar on 'without soul'\ncatherine spielman/ vocals on 'california blues'\nelise wagner/ vocals on 'without soul'\nnicholas gruber/ vocals on 'how to reach thee'\n*grammy nominated artists
This rock cd contains 10 tracks and runs 53min 15sec.
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  1. Huber Music Company - heartbreak penthouse suite (04:55)
  2. Huber Music Company - my big excuse (05:27)
  3. Huber Music Company - california blues (03:57)
  4. Huber Music Company - without soul (04:38)
  5. Huber Music Company - the meeting (04:26)
  6. Huber Music Company - nobody home (04:38)
  7. Huber Music Company - spirit soulshine anthem (03:50)
  8. Huber Music Company - groovin' on a thursday afternoon (03:49)
  9. Huber Music Company - how to reach thee (09:12)
  10. Huber Music Company - DATA (08:15)

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