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Various Welcome to the Future - Vol. 4 (1997)
Label .......: Subversive\nCatalog# ....: SUB 27CD\nFormat ......: CD\nCountry .....: UK\nReleased ....: 1997\nGenre .......: Electronic\nStyle .......: Goa Trance, Trance\nNotes .......: (P)&(C) 1997 Subversive Records Ltd. 172A Arlington Road, Camden,\n London NW1 7HL.\n\n Distributed by 3MV/Sony.\n Made in England\n\n SoundBASE negotiator: Claire Feist\n Compilled & Produced by: Glenn Hall - SoundBASE\n Dimensionaly Enhanced in 3D BASE at Xor Mastering, London\n Executive Production: Dan Pope - Subversive\n\n This product will reproduce 3D enhanced sound when played back through any\n domestic hi-fi, walkman/discman, or in-car stereo system.\n No additional equipment or rearrangement of your home stereo required.
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 74min 30sec.
Freedb: 7f11740a
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  1. Union Jack - Two Full Moons and a Trout (Caspar Pound Remix) (12:39)
  2. Earth Nation - Alienated (07:38)
    (Traditional, arr. by Jimmy Page: Superhype, ASCAP)
  3. South Of Trance - De La Troisieme Dimension (08:41)
    (By Willie Dixon; Arc, BMI)
  4. Quantum Trigger - 900 Year Cycle (05:26)
    (By Jimmy Page; Superhype, ASCAP)
  5. Nuw Idol - Pleasure (07:17)
    (By Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones; Superhype, ASCAP)
  6. Oceon - Liquid Squid (05:11)
    (By Jimmy Page; Superhype, ASCAP)
  7. Hardfloor - Line Drive (06:39)
    (By Page, Jones & Bonham; Superhype, ASCAP)
  8. Josh Abrahams - We Mess With Your Head (07:02)
    (By Willie Dixon; Conrad, BMI)
  9. Union Jack - Fromage Frais (06:35)
    (By Page, Jones & Bonham; Superhype, ASCAP)
  10. Random Access - Majestic (Floorpaly Remix) (07:15)

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