Alexia Phillips: I Never Needed CD Track Listing

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Alexia Phillips I Never Needed (1996)
The second single from the hit compilation DMA Dance Vol. 1: Eurodance (20151-2/4) is a driving hook-laden smash from nineteen year old Toronto songstress Alexia Phillips. This track was the "Hot Shot Debut" track on Billboard's Dance Chart, a #1 National Record Pool Pick in DJ Times, and a Top 5 DMA smash (as well as appearing on virtually every other dance chart in North America). This song has also been a huge success at radio, with numerous stations adding it to regular rotation. Remixes come from a variety of talented sources, including one of the biggest names in dance music - Eric Kupper (Madonna, Mariah Carey, RuPaul), Giorgio Moroder proteg


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  1. Alexia Phillips - Original Radio (03:44)
  2. Alexia Phillips - House Of Cox Radio (03:37)
  3. Alexia Phillips - Eurosized Radio (03:22)
  4. Alexia Phillips - Original X-Tended (05:06)
  5. Alexia Phillips - House Of Cox Mix (05:35)
  6. Alexia Phillips - Eurosized Remix (05:13)
  7. Alexia Phillips - Hysteria Severe Dub (10:13)
  8. Alexia Phillips - Hester's 'N-Tense Dub (05:55)

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