Various: Brisas de Grijalva - Musica de Chiapas, Oaxaca y Guerrero CD Track Listing

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Various Brisas de Grijalva - Musica de Chiapas, Oaxaca y Guerrero (1992)
Asi Canta Mexica vol. 3
This misc cd contains 14 tracks and runs 50min 55sec.
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  1. Manuel Castro Padilla - Las Chiapanecas (03:37)
    "Women native of Chiapas" - Waltz - One of the Mexican melodies known the world over. Lovely, merry music, hand clapping and the marimba.
  2. Tradicional - La Zandunga (04:59)
    Waltz - Another well known, haunting melody for the marimba.
  3. Agust
    "On The Way South" - Chilena Guerrerense - A musical image of the state of Guerrero, a romantic description of a rural dawn. Sung by the "Trio M
  4. Alberto Dom
    A great combination: the marimba, the zapateado, the waltz from Chiapas; the author also composed such songs as "Perfida" and "Frens
  5. Tradicional - La Llorona (03:48)
    Oaxaca waltz - popular tradition - A beautiful song, it's origin lost in time. It's highly characteristic of the music in the isthmus.
  6. Agust
    Another portrait of Guerrero's geography and the beautiful town of Linaloe. Sung by the "Trio Mex
  7. Tradicional - El Bolochon (03:53)
    Chamula dance - popular tradition - A dance from Chiapas' highlands, settled by the chamula indians. Music and rythms seem to come from their jungles.
  8. Macedonio Alcal
    "God Never Dies" - Oaxacan waltz - This old, melancholic waltz, is considered by the oaxacans as M
  9. Pbro. E. Vazquez - La Sanmarquena (03:56)
    Chilena Guerrerense - A beautiful, merry song. One can find an unlimited number of verses. It's very popular in town's fiestas.
  10. Jos
    Oaxacan waltz - This poignant song expresses the nostalgia felt by mexicans living and working far away from their country. It expresses a deep felt love for their homeland and their wish to return soon.
  11. Tradicional - La Tortuga (02:47)
    "The Turtle" - Zapateado Oaxaque
  12. Agust
    Chilena Guerrerense - The talented Agust
  13. Tradicional - El Rascapetate (04:29)
    Zapateado Chiapaneco - popular tradition - Another old dance of Chiapas, get ready for the zapateado.
  14. Agust
    "Listen to the Marimba" - Waltz - Agust

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