Vitamin C: Friends Forever (Graduation) CD Track Listing

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Vitamin C Friends Forever (Graduation) (2000)
Nude NUD 24CD2\n\nSinging: Brett Anderson\nGuitars: Richard Oakes\nDrums: Simon Gilbert\nElectric Bass: Mat Osman\nKeyboards: Neil Codling\n\nWritten by Anderson/Oakes.\n\nProduced and mixed by Ed Buller.\n\n1996.\n
This misc cd contains 3 tracks and runs 13min 38sec.
Freedb: 19033003
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  1. Vitamin C - Friends Forever (Graduation) (Edit) (04:26)
  2. Vitamin C - Friends Forever (Graduation) (LP Version) (05:41)
  3. Vitamin C - Not That Kind of Girl (LP Version) (03:27)

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