Sesame Street: Kid's Favorite Songs CD Track Listing

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Sesame Street Kid's Favorite Songs (1997)
This misc cd contains 15 tracks and runs 34min 47sec.
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  1. Sesame Street - The Farmer In The Dell [Big Bird And The Kids] (02:01)
  2. Sesame Street - John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt [Elmo And The Kids] (02:39)
  3. Sesame Street - Ring Around The Rosie/Skip To My Lou [Prairie Dawn And The Kids] (02:33)
  4. Sesame Street - She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountanin/Turkey In The Straw [Big Bird, Elmo, Polly Darton And The Kids] (02:44)
  5. Sesame Street - The Grouch Medley: Jack And Jill/Little Miss Muffet/Mistress Mary [Oscar The Grouch] (01:18)
  6. Sesame Street - In The Evening By The Moonlight [Hoots The Owl] (02:50)
  7. Sesame Street - ABC Medley: Alphabet Song/Baa Baa Black Shep/Twinkle Twinkle LittleStar [The Count, Big Bird And Prairie Dawn] (03:27)
  8. Sesame Street - Row, Row, Row Your Boat [Elmo And Snuffleupagus] (01:28)
  9. Sesame Street - Old MacDonald [Big Bird, Elmo, The Count, Oscar The Grouch And Thd Kids] (02:55)
  10. Sesame Street - I've Been Working On The Railroad [Zoe, Cookie Monster And The Kids] (02:34)
  11. Sesame Street - Eensy Weensy Spider [The Count And The Kids] (01:34)
  12. Sesame Street - Oh, Dear, What Can The Matter Be? [Telly With Big Bird And Elmo] (01:44)
  13. Sesame Street - Oh Suzanna [Noel Cowherd And The Kids] (01:26)
  14. Sesame Street - Home On The Range [Elmo] (03:06)
  15. Sesame Street - This Little Pig Went To Market [The Oinker Sisters] (02:18)

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