Gore: Never Sober Level CD Track Listing

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Gore Never Sober Level (2007)
This misc cd contains 13 tracks and runs 53min 23sec.
Freedb: ab0c810d
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  1. Gore - Stiff ass, macrophallus, much passion, more gel (02:59)
  2. Gore - Why pay for love, when all are free (02:28)
  3. Gore - Black bell is white heart thrashing after some time is knock down, we hope to white (02:41)
  4. Gore - Ears tearing sound of vibrator is smashing up womens inward organism. (...mans too!) (02:51)
  5. Gore - When Thousand womens are pouring one palate is too little (02:39)
  6. Gore - Pink lady already isn't smell good, long lips are darken (02:49)
  7. Gore - Long life for king of animals! Pig is king! Eat him all! (02:15)
  8. Gore - Food? To me!, Sex? To me!, Hooch? To me! Work? It's your job! (01:42)
  9. Gore - Look at toilet bowl reminds me of your face, my baby (02:15)
  10. Gore - Widgeon is finding snake for nightfly (01:41)
  11. Gore - Song about Greenpeace man vomiting not so good swallow tofu cheese (02:47)
  12. Gore - Bush is piG. Fidel CastrO still alive. HItleRrrrrrrrr. Is Usama rEally? (04:10)
  13. Gore - Data track (21:58)

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