Ministry Of Sound: The Chillout Session 2 - Disc 2 CD Track Listing

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Ministry Of Sound The Chillout Session 2 - Disc 2 (2001)
I3G: 12\nlaid back mix of blissful beats and chilled-out house\n\n2001 is being tagged by many as the year of 'Chillout' and this is reflected by growing commercial success in the scene. But what is 'Chillout' music?Looking down the tracklisting of this CD there are 39 different tracks by 39 different artists, each of whose style could be filed into a nmber of different categories. Down-Tempo. Chilled Trance. Deep House. Atmospheric. Mellow - the list goes on. On disc 1 the acoustic sound of Radiohead's 'Street Spirit' sits happily alongside the funkier vibes of The Avalanches 'Since I Left You', and Kinobe's string orchestral masterpieceflows into Rae and Christian's 'Spellbound', a soulful slice of Acid-Jazz. Disc 2 engulfs the listener with a blissful mix including Saint German's ever jazzy 'Rose Rouge' and [love] tattoo's 'Eighty Eight' - this disc is much more about the deeper, soulful side of house music which gets very little exposure in the big wild world. So back to the question - what is 'Chillout'? It's music like this - and more. It's a state of mind,whether you are chilling in a bar, driving in a car, lying on a beachor listening to your walkman, 'Chillout' music is about a mind set. These 39 tracks, as varied in style as they are, convey the feeling of pure relaxation and the laid back attitude that is 'Chillout'. YEAR: 2001
This misc cd contains 20 tracks and runs 77min 12sec.
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  1. Ministry Of Sound - Jakatta - American Dream (Radio Edit) (03:04)
  2. Ministry Of Sound - Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Extended Club Mix) (05:22)
  3. Ministry Of Sound - Bent featuring Zoe Johnson - Swollen (Francois K Vocal) / Kosheen - Hide You (Accapella) (06:13)
  4. Ministry Of Sound - EBTG vs Soul Vision - Tracey In My Room (03:26)
  5. Ministry Of Sound - Dubtribe Sound System - Do It Now (03:56)
  6. Ministry Of Sound - Weekender featuring Zoe Johnston - Sunday Session (04:38)
  7. Ministry Of Sound - St Germain - Rose Rouge (05:29)
  8. Ministry Of Sound - G Club presents Banda Sonora - Guitarra G (Original Chill Out Mix) (03:19)
  9. Ministry Of Sound - [Love] Tattoo - Eighty Eight (04:26)
  10. Ministry Of Sound - The Beloved - Sweet Harmony (03:23)
  11. Ministry Of Sound - Bob Sinclair - Phasing News (02:36)
  12. Ministry Of Sound - Toby Neal - Lost In Thought (02:02)
  13. Ministry Of Sound - Full Intention presents Shena - I'll Be Waiting (Lux Remix) (03:48)
  14. Ministry Of Sound - Kristine Blond - Love Shy (Sandgate Remix) (04:03)
  15. Ministry Of Sound - Pilgrims Of The Mind - Nothing Can Pull Us Apart (04:04)
  16. Ministry Of Sound - Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Original Album Version) (03:55)
  17. Ministry Of Sound - Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Schill Out Mix) (03:32)
  18. Ministry Of Sound - Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Moonwatcher Mix) (03:42)
  19. Ministry Of Sound - Hybrid - Finished Symphony (Hybrid Soundtrack Edit Mix) (03:18)
  20. Ministry Of Sound - Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (Acoustic Version) (02:42)

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