Kid Koala: Your Mom's Favorite DJ CD Track Listing

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Kid Koala Your Mom's Favorite DJ (2006)
This misc cd contains 3 tracks and runs 33min 39sec.
Freedb: 1b07e103
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: Music



  1. Kid Koala - Left Side: Start Heeeeears/Stoppin' Traffic/Tracks etc./Slew Test 1/Lunch With Pavlov/Robo-Cookie Factory/Things'll Be Good Again/Dinner At 1:00 a.m./Party At Eric's! (14:14)
  2. Kid Koala - Right Side: Slew Test 2/Gimmie A K!/Mosquito Vs. Waterbuffalo/Slew Test 3/Paper Route Days/Nufonia Noise Consultation Committee/The Denouement (19:16)
  3. Kid Koala - Bonus Cricket (00:05)

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