Several: Traditional Aboriginal Music Vol. IV CD Track Listing

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Several Traditional Aboriginal Music Vol. IV
Tracks 1 -- 6: "Arnhem Land Vol I: Authentic Australian Aboriginal Songs and Dances", Collection by A.P. Elkin, 1957.\n\nTracks 7 -- 16: "Arnhem Land Vol III: Authentic Australian Aboriginal Songs and Dances", Collection by A.P. Elkin, 1957.
This misc cd contains 16 tracks and runs 66min 6sec.
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  1. Several - Wongga (13:52)
  2. Several - Nyindi-yindi (03:49)
    Wongga camp corroboree of the coastal tribes in the district south from Darwin. This Wongga is of the Wagaitj tribe from Anson Bay.
  3. Several - Walaka (03:22)
    The northern Wagaitj and their neighbours, the Laragia, perform a Nyindi-yindi corroboree.
  4. Several - Gunborg (08:52)
    A trade dance of the Wadaman and other tribes on the southwest of Arnhem Land. It is performed when groups from these tribes meet to exchange goods and to arrange marriages.
  5. Several - Indji-indji Gunborg (05:52)
    Gossip songs of the Alligator Rivers' region of western Arnhem Land.
  6. Several - Gunbalanya Bunborg (08:27)
    This is a Gunborg from the Gunbalang tribe in western Arnhem Land.
  7. Several - Didjeridu Solos Northeast Arnhem Land (02:18)
    Gossip song sung by the same young man as the Indji-indji. He is an exceptionally gifted Central Arnhem Land Rembaranga tribesman but knows many Gunwinggu tribal songs from the Alligator Rivers' region. Same singer as in Indji-Indji.
  8. Several - Djerag (Seagull) Songs Northeast Arnhem Land (05:29)
    In order: Djedbangari, Native Companion, and Djerag (Seagull)
  9. Several - Djedbangari Corroboree (01:07)
    Melodies are very restricted. SECRET?
  10. Several - Djedbangari Corroboree (01:26)
  11. Several - Djedbangari Corroboree (02:45)
  12. Several - Djedbangari Corroboree (01:05)
  13. Several - Djedbangari Corroboree (01:12)
  14. Several - Djedbangari Corroboree (03:01)
  15. Several - Djedbangari Corroboree (01:03)
  16. Several - Djedbangari Corroboree (02:17)

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