Platinum Peppers Family: LOVE AFFAIR CD Track Listing

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Platinum Peppers Family LOVE AFFAIR (1994)
1992 BOY Records BOY 8828-12\n\nbernhard mikulski\n\nComposed and arranged by Joachim Wilhelm\nText and voices by Klaus Bohm, Uwe Dusterhoffft\nProduced, remixed and engineered by Giora Schein\nRecorded at ParkStudio (Bad Soden / Salmunster)\nCover by Bit Bits Brain\nHello to Dirk Feineisen, Michael Malow, Ay Bisimis,\nAndreasTomalla.\nPublished byMichael Zosel Musikverlag YEAR: 1994 ID3G: 13
This misc cd contains 3 tracks and runs 15min 22sec.
Freedb: 12039803
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  1. Platinum Peppers Family - LOVE AFFAIR (05:11)
  2. Platinum Peppers Family - Moon on the Rain (04:59)
  3. Platinum Peppers Family - LOVE AFFAIR (backing track) (05:09)

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