Various Artists: What Do You Think of the Name Shilo? - Disc 2 CD Track Listing

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Various Artists What Do You Think of the Name Shilo? - Disc 2 (2006)
This misc cd contains 8 tracks and runs 72min 24sec.
Freedb: 6b10f608
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  1. Various Artists - One Ham In My Pocket / Alanis Hamisette dedicates this one to Sky (01:34)
  2. Various Artists - Tone Deaf Karaoke / Try and figure out what Ashlee is singing...bring the ear plugs (12:32)
  3. Various Artists - Emeril / The Food Network's celebrity chef talks crap about Rachel Ray and the rest of the Food Network (13:46)
  4. Various Artists - Ash-Uh-Lee Song / Ashlee likes attention and we have the song to prove it. (01:35)
  5. Various Artists - Dueling OJ's / Mikey and Eddie going back and forth as America's favorite killer (11:19)
  6. Various Artists - San Antonio vs San Diego / Ashlee is on the Dean's List...we are serious! (12:50)
  7. Various Artists - Sky and Ramsey Montage / The best of Sky and her black manservant, Ramsey (08:25)
  8. Various Artists - Tough Love With Eddie / Eddie tries to heal San Diego with his special dose of advice (10:17)

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