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Pitch Shifter Submit
This misc cd contains 6 tracks and runs 57min 3sec.
Freedb: 430d5d06
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: Music



  1. Pitch Shifter - Gritter (04:04)
    Uncontrollable reaction triggered by sound (Wired) scraping.\nFeels like this.
  2. Pitch Shifter - Deconstruction (03:56)
    To deconstruct, deconstrutction: to dis-assemble or take apart.\n
  3. Pitch Shifter - New Flesh P.S.I. (05:18)
    "I am an American and I killed Americans, I am a human\nbeing and I killed human beings, and I did this in my \nsociety."
  4. Pitch Shifter - Bastardiser (03:46)
    "There comes a point when you have nothing left to give\nto those who regulary feed from you..."
  5. Pitch Shifter - Dry Riser Inlet (04:19)
    Non-enjoyment of activities considered to be `normal'\nbehaviour leads to behaviour considered to be `abnormal'\nby peers
  6. Pitch Shifter - Tendrill (35:35)
    "It's simple, just watch for the newsound `on-channel' and\ndo as they do."

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