Charlie Kunz: Old Time Music Hall Songs CD Track Listing

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Charlie Kunz Old Time Music Hall Songs
This misc cd contains 16 tracks and runs 67min 31sec.
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  1. Charlie Kunz - Let the great big world keep turning, Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow wow, The Galloping Major, I'm shy Mary Ellen (04:00)
  2. Charlie Kunz - Katie Connor, Get out and get under, If I should plant a tiny seed of love (02:56)
  3. Charlie Kunz - The Army of today's alright, Ship Ahoy ,In the Twi Twi Twilight, She's a lassie from Lancashire , Lily of Laguna (04:12)
  4. Charlie Kunz - You Made me love you, Ta Ra Ra boom de ay, I'll be your Sweetheart, Brighton for months and months and months, Goodbye Dolly Gray (04:20)
  5. Charlie Kunz - On the good ship Yacki Hicki Doo La, Wait till the clouds roll by, Darling Mabel, The Ship I love, Hold your hand out you naughty boy, I was a good girl till I met you (05:19)
  6. Charlie Kunz - In the good old Summer Time, Oh Oh Antonio, Following in Fathers footsteps (03:29)
  7. Charlie Kunz - After the Ball, Two little girls in blue, I used to sigh for the slivery Moon (03:56)
  8. Charlie Kunz - Has anybody here seen Kelly, PC 49, Three O clock in the morning, Are we to part like this, Waiting for the Robert E Lee (03:54)
  9. Charlie Kunz - That lovely Weekend, Only For ever, I'll get by (04:25)
  10. Charlie Kunz - By the sleepy Lagoon, Paper Doll, The White cliffs of Dover (04:02)
  11. Charlie Kunz - Room Five Hundred and Four, One day when we were young, Amapola (04:53)
  12. Charlie Kunz - My dreams are getting better all the time, I don't want to set the world on fire, Ferryboat Serenade (03:49)
  13. Charlie Kunz - Dolores, Dearly Beloved, That's an Irish Lullaby (05:40)
  14. Charlie Kunz - I couldn't sleep a wink last night, I left my heart at the stage door canteen, The anniversary Waltz (04:47)
  15. Charlie Kunz - There'll come another day, I'll walk alone, Our love affair (03:14)
  16. Charlie Kunz - Who's taking you home tonight, If I had my way, Don't fence me in (04:24)

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