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Solomon Burke The King Of Soul (1993)
AAD-Charly Records-1993 -(CPCD 08014 PC03)\\r\nWhile Solomon Burke never made a major impact upon the pop audience --he never, in fact, had a Top Twenty hit -- he was an important early soul pioneer. On his 1960s singles for Atlantic, he brought a country influence into R&B with emotional phrasing and intricately constructed, melodic ballads and mid-tempo songs. At the same time, he was surroundedwith sophisticated "uptown" arrangements, and provided with much of his material, by his producers, par
This misc cd contains 8 tracks and runs 33min 58sec.
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  1. Solomon Burke - Boo Hoo Hoo (04:36)
  2. Solomon Burke - Hold On I'm Coming (03:45)
  3. Solomon Burke - Sweeter Than Sweetness (03:27)
  4. Solomon Burke - Sidewalks, Fences And Walls (04:56)
  5. Solomon Burke - Le The Love Flow (06:17)
  6. Solomon Burke - The More (03:44)
  7. Solomon Burke - Lucky (03:01)
  8. Solomon Burke - Please Come Back Home To Me (04:06)

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