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Sam Kinison Leader of the Banned (1990)
LABEL = Warner Bros. Records Inc.\nID = 926073-2\nUPC = 07599-26073-22\nCOPYRIGHT = 1990
This misc cd contains 5 tracks and runs 49min 13sec.
Freedb: 430b8705
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  1. Sam Kinison - Detox This; Shopping For Pets; Sex, Videotape And Zoo Animals; Jerry's Bastard Kid; Lenny Bruce's Mom; Casual Users Of Terrorism; Old People Must Die; Grilled Cheese Sandwich; Phone Call from Hell (All comedy segments are in a continuous seq
    Detox This\nShopping for Pets\nSex, Videotape and Zoo Animals\nJerry's Bastard Kid\nLenny Bruce's Mom\nCasual Users of Terrorism\nOld People Must Die\nGrilled Cheese Sandwich\nPhone Call From Hell
  2. Sam Kinison - Gonna Raise Hell (04:17)
  3. Sam Kinison - Mississippi Queen (04:05)
  4. Sam Kinison - Under My Thumb (03:51)
  5. Sam Kinison - Highway To Hell (03:55)

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