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Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay Pretty Ugly (1990)
MTM 23 CD\nMade to Measure Vol. 23\n(P)(C)1990 Crammed Discs, SABAM/BIEM GEMA LC8889\n\nMusic by Arto Lindsay and Peter Scherer.\nCover painting by James Nares.\n\nTrack 1, Music from "Pretty Ugly".\nA ballet choreography by Armanda Miller for the Frankfurt Ballet premiered in Frankfurt, November 1988..\n"Pretty Ugly" recorded and mixed by Francis Manzella.\nAdditional musicians on "Pretty Ugly": Jill Jaffe: Violin and Viola; Cyro Baptista: Percussion; Nana Vasconcelos: Handclaps and Whispers.\n\nTrack 2 to 6, Music for "Moerder, Hoffnung der Frauen".\nA play by Oskar Kokoschka, directed by Peter Ily Huemer, for the Vienna Festival, June 1986.\n"Moerder" recorded by Martin Bisi and Eugene and mixed by Roli Mosimann, assisted by Ue Nastasi.\nSampled voices used in "Moerder": John Walker, David Brisbane, Nonni Tryggva.
This misc cd contains 6 tracks and runs 44min 30sec.
Freedb: 430a6c06
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  1. Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay - Pretty Ugly (26:16)
  2. Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay - Austere And Hungry (04:17)
  3. Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay - Bold Condensed (03:23)
  4. Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay - Sirens (03:50)
  5. Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay - Nature Of Slam (04:09)
  6. Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay - Plastic Surgery (02:29)

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