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Nouveau Vintage Nouveau Vintage Vocal Sextet - Demo Live (2005)
Vocal Sextet Nouveau Vintage of Schola S.Rocco - VI Italy\nhttp://www.ennevi.net http://www.nouveauvintage.it
This misc cd contains 9 tracks and runs 33min 16sec.
Freedb: 6b07ca09
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  1. Nouveau Vintage - Mai come ieri (02:41)
    arr. Nouveau Vintage\norig. by Mario Venuti
  2. Nouveau Vintage - Hit the road, Jack (03:59)
    arr. Nouveau Vintage\norig. by Percy Mayfield and Ray Charles
  3. Nouveau Vintage - Ain't got time to die (01:03)
    arr. Nouveau Vintage\norig. by Hall Johnson
  4. Nouveau Vintage - No more tears (enough is enough) (03:36)
    arr. Nouveau Vintage\norig. Barbra Streisand
  5. Nouveau Vintage - They can't take that away from me (01:40)
    arr. Nouveau Vintage\norig. by Gershwin
  6. Nouveau Vintage - Hark! the herald angels sing (01:08)
    Mendelssohn-Weasley arr. Dent (Take Six)
  7. Nouveau Vintage - Sittin'...& get happy (05:54)
    arr. Nouveau Vintage\norig. by Redding-Cropper + Arlen-Koehler
  8. Nouveau Vintage - Hallelujah (05:30)
    Handel - arr. Warren-Kibble-Dent
  9. Nouveau Vintage - Data Track (07:39)

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