Various: Bootie CD14 CD Track Listing

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Various Bootie CD14 (2005)
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 39min 1sec.
Freedb: 6b09230a
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: Music



  1. Missy Elliott vs. The Cure - I'm Really Hot Hot Hot (03:08)
    A + D
  2. Tweet vs. Human League - Thug Times (03:41)
    Boojiboy Jr.
  3. Belinda Carlisle vs. New Order - Faith in Heaven (03:39)
  4. Britney vs. Beyonce vs. Black-Eyed Peas vs. One-T and Cool-T - B-Girl Battle (03:47)
  5. C & C Music Factory vs. Ram Jam - Gonna Make Betty Sweat (02:46)
  6. Sir Mixalot vs. Yes - Owner of a Lovely Butt (04:06)
    Lionel Vinyl
  7. Beastie Boys vs. Chic vs. Franz Ferdinand - Chic Franzie Boys (05:09)
    Party Ben
  8. Dr. Dre feat. Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg vs. Black Sabbath - War Doggs and Iron Pigs (03:01)
    Go Hom Productions
  9. Nelly vs. Lynrd Skynrd - Sweet Home Country Grammar (04:26)
  10. Scissor Sisters vs. The Beatles vs. George Michael vs. Aretha Franklin - No One Takes Your Freedom (05:12)

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