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Amon Tobin Supermodified (2000)
Farther away from drum'n'bass and closer to big-beat techno (with a little turntablist mayhem thrown in), \nAmon Tobin's third album for Ninja Tune breaks out with a devastating opener, "Get Your Snack On." \nThe track turns out to be just one of the highlights on Supermodified, a dense, plunderphonic \nkaleidoscope of an album with giant, noisy jazz breaks and groovy electronic synthwork. It's got quite \na bit of the retro-sounding sampling of Permutation (orchestra strings, jazz combos, groovy psychedelic \nbasslines) along with a wider variety of material, from driving funky-breaks productions ("Four Ton \nMantis") and playful cut'n'paste numbers ("Precursor," "Chocolate Lovely"), to darkstep jungle \n("Golfer Vrs. Boxer") and surprisingly touching minimalist melancholia ("Slowly," "Deo"). Tobin's again \nmade great strides in his production skills, and the range and greatness of this material serves as proof \npositive.
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 67min 32sec.
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  1. Amon Tobin - Get Your Snack On (04:23)
  2. Amon Tobin - Four Ton Mantis (04:47)
  3. Amon Tobin - Slowly (05:39)
  4. Amon Tobin - Marine Machines (05:45)
  5. Amon Tobin - Golfer vs Boxer (06:19)
  6. Amon Tobin - Deo (06:47)
  7. Amon Tobin - Precursor (04:39)
  8. Amon Tobin - Saboteur (05:18)
  9. Amon Tobin - Chocolate Lovely (06:02)
  10. Amon Tobin - Rhino Jockey (07:28)
  11. Amon Tobin - Keepin' It Steel (04:31)
  12. Amon Tobin - Natureland (05:48)

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