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Various Tom's Album (1991)
Tom's Album Compilation Produced by Suzanne Veg\nExecutive Producer: Ronald K. Fierstein for AGF Entertainment Ltd.\nEditing and Asembly Engineered by Denny McNerney\nMastered by Gerg Calbi at Sterling Sound, Nyc; Supervised by Steve Addabbo\nAssisstant to Suzanne: Pam Blais\nThanks to Tom Hart for letting us use his original Tom's art.\nAcknowledgements to Nicole (Germany), Age 12; Vignette (USA, Age 3 1/2;\nAlan Coulthard (England), M.C. Sugar (France)\nWe weren't able to use them all.\nDNA appears courtesy of EMI Records (U.K.)\nThanks to Henry Yori\n\nArt Direction: Len Peltier and Suzanne Vega\nDesign: Len Peltier\n\n(p) & (c) 1991 A&M Records, Inc.
This misc cd contains 13 tracks and runs 38min 4sec.
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  1. DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega - Rusted Pipe (04:53)
    Original version on "Days of Open Hand" 75021 5293 4/2\n\nCuesheet from EAC Secure Gap Detection:\nPERFORMER "Various Artists"\nTITLE "Tom's Album"\nFILE "Tom's Album (1991)\\01 - DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega - Rusted Pipe.wav" WAVE\n TRACK 01 AUDIO\n T
  2. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (02:05)
    Originally released on "Solitude Standing" 75021 5136 4/2\n Lyrics by Suzanne Vega\n(c) 1987 WB Music Corp./Weifersongs Ltd. (ASCAP)
  3. Peter Behrens - Dep De D
    Originally released on Teldec Records GmbH (Germany)\nGerman Lyrics by Ralf-Ren
  4. Nikki D. - Daddy's Little Girl (04:00)
    Originally released on Def Jam/Columbia (USA)\nLyrics by S. Reynolds and N. Strong\n(c) 1990 WB Music Corp./Waifersongs Ltd./Daddy's Little Girl Pub., admin by Def Jam Music, Inc./Rushtown Music Inc.,\nadmin. by Steak and A Half Music (ASCAP) Used by perm
  5. Beth Watson - Waiting At The Border (03:14)
    Vocal by Beth Watson\nLyrics by David Forsyth and Michael Hirtz\n(c) 1991 Michael Hirtz Productions Used by permission.
  6. Michigan & Smiley - Tom's Diner (03:22)
    (Suzanne Vega) WB Music Corp./Waifersongs Ltd. (ASCAP)\nOriginally released on RAS Records (Jamaica)\nLicensed from Donovan Germain c/o RAS Records
  7. n.d.a. Project - Tom's Diner (02:45)
    (Suzanne Vega) WB Music Corp./Waifersongs Ltd. (ASCAP)\nProduced by Severo Lombardoni\nLicensed from Discomagic (Italy)
  8. Marilyn E. Whitelaw & Mark Davis - Jeannie's Diner (02:11)
    Additional Voices by Mark Davis\n(Suzanne Vega/Mark Davis) Earthquake Entertainment/\nPremiere Radio Networks/WB Music Corp./Waifersongs\nLtd. (ASCAP)\nProduced by Mark Davis for Premiere Radio Networks\nLicensed from Premiere Radio Networks (USA)\nI Dre
  9. After One - Tom's Diner Rap (02:15)
    (Suzanne Vega) WB Music Corp./Waifersongs Ltd. (ASCAP)\nProduced by Rick Layne and Lee York\nCo-produced by S-auo-N for ZYX\nOriginally released on ZYX Records (Germany)\nLicensed from Bernhard Nikulski Schallplaten Vertriebs\nGmbH
  10. Mats H
    (Suzanne Vega) WB Music Corp./Waifersongs Ltd. (ASCAP)\nLicensed from Liphone Records (Sweden)\nSwedish translation by Mats H
  11. Bingo Hand Job - Tom's ? (02:02)
    (Suzanne Vega/Michael Stipe) WB Music Corp./\nWaifersongs Ltd./Bingo Hand Job (ASCAP)\nRecorded live at Borderline, London\nUsed by permission of Warner Bros. Records (USA) ,\nR.E.M., Billy Bragg, Elektra Records and Peter\nHolsapple
  12. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner Reprise (02:33)
    (Suzanne Vega) WB Music Corp./Waifersongs Ltd. (ASCAP)\nProduced by Steve Addabbo & Lenny Kaye\nOriginally released on "Solitude Standing" 75021 5136\n4/2
  13. DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (03:47)
    (Suzanne Vega) WB Music Corp./Waifersongs Ltd. (ASCAP)\nOriginally released on "Jam Harder . . . The A&M Un-\nderground Dance Compilation" 75021 5339 4/2\nRemix & Post Production by DNA for Raw Bass Produc-\ntions

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