Portishead: Dummy CD Track Listing

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Portishead Dummy
This misc cd contains 11 tracks and runs 49min 38sec.
Freedb: 930ba00b
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  1. Portishead - Mysterons (05:08)
  2. Portishead - Sour Times (04:16)
  3. Portishead - Strangers (04:00)
  4. Portishead - It Could Be Sweet (04:22)
  5. Portishead - Wandering Star (04:56)
    or whom it is reserved\nThe blackness of darkness forever\n\nThose who have seen the needles eye, now tread\nLike a husk, from which all that was, now has fled\nAnd the masks, that the monsters wear\nTo feed, upon their prey\n\nWandering stars, for whom i
  6. Portishead - It's A Fire (03:51)
    Its a fire\nThese dreams they pass me by\nThis salvation I desire\nKeeps getting me down\n\nCos we need to\nRecognise mistakes\nFor time and again\n\nSo let it be known for what we believe in\nI can see no reason for it to fail.... ...\n\nCos this life is
  7. Portishead - Numb (03:59)
    Unable so lost\nI can't find my way\nBeen searching, but I have never seen\nA turning, a turning from deceit\n\nCos the child roses like\nTry to reveal what I could feel\n\nI can't understand myself anymore\nBut I m still feeling lonely\nFeeling so unholy
  8. Portishead - Roads (05:07)
    Ohh, can't anybody see\nWe've got a war to fight\nNever found our way\nRegardless of what they say\n\nHow can it feel, this wrong\nFrom this moment\nHow can it feel, this wrong\n\nStorm.. in the morning light\nI feel\nNo more can I say\nFrozen to myself\n
  9. Portishead - Pedestal (03:43)
    How can I believe this miracle\nWhere the wind blows dry\nThru the force of a man\nUndenied by his eye\n\nYou abandoned me\nHow I suffer\nRidicule breathes a sigh\nYou abandoned me\nLost forever\nHush, can you hear.....\n\nEnter and rejoice this pedestal\
  10. Portishead - Biscuit (05:06)
    I'm lost, exposed\nStranger things will come your way\nIts just I'm scared\nGot hurt along time ago\nI can't make myself heard no matter how hard I scream\n\nOhh sensation\nSin, slave of sensation\n\nFull fed yet I still hungerEXTT9=nTorn inside\nHaunted
  11. Portishead - Glory Box (05:05)
    I'm so tired, of playing\nPlaying with this bow and arrow\nGonna give my heart away\nLeave it to the other girls to play\nFor I've been a temptress too long\n\nJust. .\n\nGive me a reason to love you\nGive me a reason to be ee, a woman\nI just wanna be a

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