Andrea Beaton: License to Drive'er CD Track Listing

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Andrea Beaton License to Drive'er (2003)
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 55min 4sec.
Freedb: 9c0ce60c
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  1. Andrea Beaton - Marianne Jewell's Reel, Peter and Doreen's Reel, Dot MacKinnon's Reel (03:35)
  2. Andrea Beaton - Sarabelle Beaton's March, Mabou Coal Mines, Sandy Cameron's, Colonel McBain's Fancy Reel (03:47)
  3. Andrea Beaton - The Idle Jig, Angus Donald Angus' Jig, Nicole Faquori Jig (03:22)
  4. Andrea Beaton - Beaton's Delight, Dusky Meadow, Mary's Fancy, Key Gerroir's, The Ale is Dear, December (05:34)
  5. Andrea Beaton - In Memory of Herbie MacLeod (04:09)
  6. Andrea Beaton - Uncle Buddy's March, Cameron Got His Wife Again, Pipe Reel, Margie MacDonald's (04:48)
  7. Andrea Beaton - Shane MacDougal's Jig, Krista MacDonald's Jig, The Golden Keyboard, Buddy's Order of Canada (04:14)
  8. Andrea Beaton - The Weapon Reel, The Monticello Ceilidh Reel, Blind Norrie, Angus Chisolm's Favorite (03:06)
  9. Andrea Beaton - Brent Chaisson's Strathspey, Brent Chaisson's Reel, Mrs. J. Forbes, Charlie's Brother, Hull's, Molly McGuire's (04:12)
  10. Andrea Beaton - Out on the Ocean, Ryan Lamey's, Kevin and Tim's, Catherine Mae MacDonald's (04:07)
  11. Andrea Beaton - Variation of Money Musk, The Dancers Strathspey, Sheldon MacNeil's, Strawberry Beds (04:32)
  12. Andrea Beaton - Father John MacMillan of Barra, Maggie Cameron, Pretty Marion, Tamerack'er Down, Kentucky Mandolins, Carter MacKenzie's, Raymond Beaton's, Wesley Gillis, Strathspey Place (09:30)

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