Wu Man: Chinese Music for the Pipa CD Track Listing

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Wu Man Chinese Music for the Pipa (1993)
Nimbus Records \nNI 5368\n
This misc cd contains 7 tracks and runs 71min 14sec.
Freedb: 5f10b007
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  1. Wu Man - Dengyue jiaohui (Lanterns and the moon competing in brilliance) (05:21)
  2. Wu Man - Wulin yiyun (Ancient melodies of Wulin) (14:16)
  3. Wu Man - Bawang xie jia (The tyrant removes his armour) (10:26)
  4. Wu Man - Chen Sui (Chen and Sui dynasties) (12:13)
  5. Wu Man - Xu Lai (Sounds of nature, by LIU Tianhua, 1929) (06:27)
  6. Wu Man - Yue'er gao (The moon is high) (13:31)
  7. Wu Man - Dian (The Points, by CHEN Yi, 1991) (08:56)

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