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Faith No More Limited Edition Interview CD (1992)
This misc cd contains 34 tracks and runs 18min 43sec.
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  1. Faith No More - It's 3 years since your last studio album. Are you nervous about releasing the new album? (00:15)
  2. Faith No More - How do you feel about releasing 'Angel Dust'? (00:22)
  3. Faith No More - What inspired 'Angel Dust'? (00:35)
  4. Faith No More - When did you start recording 'Angel Dust'? (00:29)
  5. Faith No More - What was your major concern when you came to record the album? (00:46)
  6. Faith No More - Was it an enjoyable experience recording 'Angel Dust'? (00:26)
  7. Faith No More - What frame of mind were you in when you recorded 'Angel Dust'? (01:22)
  8. Faith No More - What difference did it make this time round having Mike involved from the very start of the project? (00:30)
  9. Faith No More - Is there anything you weren't happy about? (00:19)
  10. Faith No More - The title 'Angel Dust' is not a track on the album. What's the story behind it? (00:41)
  11. Faith No More - What made you choose the title of the album? (00:08)
  12. Faith No More - Where does the inspiration come for your songs? (00:32)
  13. Faith No More - Do you all usually agree on the songs? (00:52)
  14. Faith No More - How do you write your songs? (00:50)
  15. Faith No More - Do you deliberately set out to provoke with your songs? (00:36)
  16. Faith No More - Did you record much material for the album? (00:22)
  17. Faith No More - Why did you choose to do a cover of 'Midnight Cowboy'? (01:09)
  18. Faith No More - What is 'Crack Hitler' about? (00:19)
  19. Faith No More - What's 'Small Victory' about? (00:11)
  20. Faith No More - Why did you choose to work with producer Matt Wallace again? (00:31)
  21. Faith No More - How does 'Angel Dust' compare to your last studio album 'The Real Thing'? (00:16)
  22. Faith No More - What changes have taken place between the two albums? (00:20)
  23. Faith No More - Do you think you diluted or compromised your sound in any way to make it more commercially palatable? (00:37)
  24. Faith No More - What do you think the press will have to say about 'Angel Dust'? (00:57)
  25. Faith No More - Are you affected by what the critics say? (00:43)
  26. Faith No More - How do you feel about fame? (00:42)
  27. Faith No More - What difference has success made to you? (00:28)
  28. Faith No More - Do you think your original fans have stuck by you as you've moved up the scale? (00:32)
  29. Faith No More - Do you get nervous playing stadium gigs in front of thousands of fans? (01:00)
  30. Faith No More - What was your worst ever gig? (00:37)
  31. Faith No More - Does the band have a sense of humour? (00:30)
  32. Faith No More - Hi, we're Faith No More. You're listening to a new track on our new album: 'Angel Dust'. (00:10)
  33. Faith No More - Hi, my name is Roddy, I'm from Faith No More. This is a new song from our new record. 'Hope you enjoy it. (00:08)
  34. Faith No More - Hi, this is Jim from Faith No More. Listen to this! (00:07)

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