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Goldie Timeless (1995)
(c) 1995 FFFR records\n
This misc cd contains 8 tracks and runs 74min 37sec.
Freedb: 5f117b08
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  1. Goldie - Timeless - I. Inner City Life II. Pressure III. Jah (21:02)
    Written and produced by Goldie & R. Playford\nEngineered by R. Playford.\nVocals by Goldie & D. Charlemagne\nStudio: Recorded &mixed at Manic One\n
  2. Goldie - Saint Angel (07:17)
    Written & produced by Goldie\nCo-produced by Dego and Marc Mac for\nReinforced Records. Engineered by Dego.\nStudio: Mixed at Reinforced Studios.\nVocals by D. Charlemagne. Additional\nproduction & engineering by R. Playford.\n
  3. Goldie - State Of Mind (07:06)
    Written & produced by Goldie & R. Playford\nEngineered by R. Playford. Vocals by\nLorna Harris. Keyboards Justina Curtis,\nLiveDrums: Mel Gaynor. Studio: Recorded\n& mixed at Manic One.\n
  4. Goldie - Sea Of Tears (12:04)
    Written & produced by Goldie & R. Playford.\nEngineered by R. Playford. Vocals by Lorna\nHarris, Guest vocals by Caroline Butler&\nJamie Goldikus Jr. Lead guitar: Adam\nSalkeld. Bass guitar:Tim Philbert.\nKeyboards: Justina Curtis & Goldie. Drums:\nMel Ga
  5. Goldie - Angel (04:58)
    Written & produced by Goldie. Co-produced\nby Dego & Mark Mad for Reinforced Records.\nEngineered by Dego. Studio: Mixed at\nReinforced Records.\nVocals by D. Charlemagne.\n
  6. Goldie - Sensual (08:13)
    Written & produced by Goldie & R. Playford.\nEngineered by R. Playford. Studio: Mixed at\nManic One. Vocals by Justina Curits &Goldie.\n\nContains a sample of "Twilight" by Maze courtesy of\nCapitol Records. Maze sample written by Frankie Beverly.
  7. Goldie - Kemistry (06:50)
    Written & produced by Goldie. Originally\nengineered by Mark Rutherford at Mekon\nStudios. Re-recorded by Goldie. Additional\nengineering by R. Playford.\nVocals by D. Charlemagne.
  8. Goldie - You & Me (07:02)
    Written & produced by Goldie.\nOriginal engineering by Dego at Reinforced\nStudios. Additional engineering by R. Playford.\nStudio: Recreated and mixed at Manic One.\nVocals by Lorna Harris.

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