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Small Faces The Immediate Years (CD 4) (1995)
The Immediate Years - Disc 4 of 4\n1995 Charly Records\n\nOriginally Released January 1996\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Okay, it's expensive as a four-CD set. And yeah, apart from "Itchycoo Park" and maybe "Lazy Sunday," not too much of what the Small Faces recorded ever made any lasting impression on American listeners. But there's a lot of good music here. The box opens up modestly enough with Steve Marriott's old band, the Moments, covering the Kinks' "You Really Got Me" and doing one other song, "Money Money." A few of the band's Decca tracks that seem to float between Decca and Immediate follow, and then we plunge into the group's Immediate history. Andrew "Loog" Oldham's independent label wasn't much more organized than the typical blues label from Chicago in the 1950s, and the Small Faces' tape library is a mess. But the producers have included everything -- every stereo and mono version of each song (where a different mix exists), the five official live tracks, the unfinished backing tracks, every known outtake. Anyone who thinks this is overkill doesn't know the Small Faces -- they weren't much less prolific than the Rolling Stones, and were better than the Stones as both a soul band and a psychedelic band (the Stones never really made the jump into drug songs too comfortably); and based on the evidence, they could have cut the Who to shreds most nights. The sound varies, although it's all been nicely cleaned up (mildly CEDAR-ized, actually), and while three versions of "(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me" may seem like overkill, it's all fascinating stuff, watching certain songs change and evolve. This is where it ends for the serious fan. -- Bruce Eder\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nSmall Faces Loom Large, August 10, 1998\nReviewer: A music fan\nDuring the British Invasion of the mid-60s, while the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Who were conquering America, one quintessentially English band stayed at home. Today, in America, the Small Faces are known primarily for their single "Itchykoo Park", and the fact that their drummer, Kenney Jones, went on to replace Keith Moon in the Who. Comparisons to the Who, in fact, are considerable. Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane are, perhaps, the most underrated songwriting team of all time; they churned out hit after hit in Britain, from crunchy three-chord rock to mellow, introspective ballads. Any fan of 60s rock is sure to love this collection -- ANY collection, in fact -- of the Small Faces' brief career. Had they stayed together, this band surely would have gone down in history linked inexorably with the likes of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Who.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nsmall faces--large sound, July 12, 1998\nReviewer: Kevin Rathert (Carbondale, IL USA)\nThe Small Faces, led by Steve Marriot and Ronnie Lane were on the cutting edge of the mid-1960s British mod sound. From 1965-1968 they produced some of the most beautiful pop and psychedelic sounds ever committed to tape.\nCharly's four disc box set The Immediate Years contains every song released on Andrew Loog Oldham's Immediate label in the US, the UK, and Germany, as well as many singles recorded during the bands earlier tenure on the Decca label which were leased to Immediate. The result is a lavish package containing 86 tracks as well as a 52-page full color booklet full of information gleaned directly from band members.\n\nBeyond the familiar singles such as Itchycoo Park, this set includes the entirety of the classic album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, and numerous alternate takes. Furthermore, where possible tracks are released in both their mono single and stereo album versions, affording the listener the opportunity of re-experiencing the tunes in both the AM radio friendly and home stereo formats. What a delight!\n\nIts hard to imagine a better pop music box set--this one has the goods on both the music and packaging fronts. And darn well worth far more than the modest asking price. Go for it! You'll be glad you did.\n\nHalf.com Album Notes\nThis four-CD set features more than 80 tracks, including 46 rare recordings and many previously unreleased songs.
This misc cd contains 22 tracks and runs 69min 27sec.
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  1. Small Faces - Call It Something Nice (02:06)
  2. Small Faces - The Autumn Stone (04:00)
  3. Small Faces - Every Little Bit Hurts (studio version) (03:56)
  4. Small Faces - Collibosher (03:13)
  5. Small Faces - Red Balloon (04:13)
  6. Small Faces - Don't Burst My Bubble (02:24)
  7. Small Faces - (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (version 3) (02:06)
  8. Small Faces - Green Circles (version 2) (02:35)
  9. Small Faces - Picaninny (03:04)
  10. Small Faces - The Pig Trotters (02:47)
  11. Small Faces - The War Of The Worlds (03:15)
  12. Small Faces - Wide-Eyed Girl On The Wall (02:48)
  13. Small Faces - Tin Soldier (instrumental version) (03:03)
  14. Small Faces - Green Circles (USA mix) (02:52)
  15. Small Faces - Wham Bam, Thank You Mam (guide vocal) (03:22)
  16. Small Faces - Collibosher (alternate mix) (03:35)
  17. Small Faces - Donkey Rides, A Penny, A Glass (alternate mix with Experimental Brass Overdubs) (03:08)
  18. Small Faces - The Hungry Intruder (instrumental version) (02:04)
  19. Small Faces - Red Balloon (alternate mix) (04:21)
  20. Small Faces - Tin Soldier (half instrumental, half vocal mix) (03:24)
  21. Small Faces - The Autumn Stone (alternate mix) (04:00)
  22. Small Faces - Wide-Eyed Girl On The Wall (alternate mix) (02:57)

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