Die Monster Die: Withdrawal Method CD Track Listing

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Die Monster Die Withdrawal Method (1994)
Good Points: Thirteen great tracks from this New York based metal band. "Swallowed" is an outstanding song.\n\nBad Points: The album does seem to peter out a little near the end.The album was originally going to be named "Vagina Dentata", but this was censored to "Withdrawal Method". \neneral comments: Released through roadrunner records, Die Monster Die's debut album hit the shops back in 1994. The album was originally going to be named "Vagina Dentata", but this was censored to "Withdrawal Method". The band are Alice Cohen (Vocals & Bass), Evan Player (Guitar & Bass), Kenny Sanders (Drums) and Shawn Tracy (Guitar). Alice's vocals are outstanding, delivering a bitter and haunting edge to the music. The songs are powerful and creative as they blast out a proficient hard rock album. The single "Swallowed" stands out from the album upon first listen, but the rest of the album is certainly a grower. The tracklisting is as follows: 1. Barnackle 2. Swallowed 3. Wallflower Garden 4. Slumber 5. Toad 6. Teeth 7. Vagina Dentata 8. Sympathy 9. Cadmium Oscuro 10. Wip 11. Bones 12. Pennies 13. Portrait The whole album was produced and engineered by Steven Haigler, who has managed to bring out the voacls of Alice well over the hard deep riffs that carve through the album.
This misc cd contains 13 tracks and runs 45min 14sec.
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  1. Die Monster Die - Barknuckle (03:12)
  2. Die Monster Die - Swallowed (03:33)
  3. Die Monster Die - Wallflower Garden (02:54)
  4. Die Monster Die - Slumber (03:51)
  5. Die Monster Die - Toad (03:56)
  6. Die Monster Die - Teeth (03:14)
  7. Die Monster Die - Vagina Dentata (04:31)
  8. Die Monster Die - Sympathy (03:38)
  9. Die Monster Die - Cadmium Oscuro (04:37)
  10. Die Monster Die - Wip (00:32)
  11. Die Monster Die - Bones (02:15)
  12. Die Monster Die - Pennies (04:59)
  13. Die Monster Die - Portrait (03:55)

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