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Brave Combo Group Dance Epidemic (1997)
http://www.brave.com/bo/\n\nJeffrey Barnes: woodwinds, harmonica,vocals\nJoseph Cripps: percussion, background vocals, chicken haiku\nAlan Emert: drums\nCarl Finch: guitar, keyboards, accordian, vocals\nBubba Hernandez: bass, vocals\nDanny O'Brien: brass\n\nAdditional Musicians:\nMike Dillon: timables on "The Hokey Pokey (Go-Go Style)" and "The Hustle," additional percussion on "Limbo Rock"\nNikki Nolen: additional vocals on "The Jeffrey"\n\nPRODUCED BY BRAVE COMBO.\nRecorded and mixed at Inside Track Studios, Denton, TX.\nEngineering by Terence Siemmons and Jim Bincent.\nMastered atGateway Mastering by Bob Ludwig.\n\nFront cover photography by Rick Olivier\nFront Cover models:\nLouise Wehner, Markus Beniger, Aimee Toledano,\nJames Singleton, R.C.P. Anderson, Laura Rieff\n\nBlack and White photography by Bruce Davis.\nInside Booklet models:\n\nPhyllis Atkins, Don Bell, Ruth Boydston, Pops Carter,\nCharles Casper, Stella Damore, Wanz Dover, Yna Espino,\nMichelle Jackson, Helen Kanellos, Gerg Lange, Charles Mayfield,\nPolly Maynard, Bobby Morris, Veronica Porter, Darren Pulley,\nLeila Rahimi, Lynn Rahimi, Sakae Sugiyama, Shoko\nSuzuki, Eagle Tye, Chris Weber, Travis Woodham.\n\nDesign by Francisco Gonzalez and Scott Billington.\n\nSpecial Thanks to Voyager's Dream for lending us their\nTma-Tam and Shelly Atkins for her endless help and support.
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 43min 46sec.
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  1. Brave Combo - The Hokey Pokey (Rock Style) (05:33)
    The controversy rages on:\n\nIs this a modern hit invented by\nLarry LaPrise in an Idaho ski lodge\nor a British dance with roots in an\nancient Druid ritual showing\nfealty to a lord?\n\nAll dancersform a circle, facing\nthe center.\n\n1. The singer wil
  2. Brave Combo - Mexican Hat Dance (01:55)
    \nThis song, as we know it, is actually\nthe product of two traditional songs\nfrom Mexico. The first, and most\nrecognized theme,"da-Dum-da-\nDum-da-Dum," is known as "La\nRapsa," so named for the scraping\nof the dancers feet (raspadura);\nthe other se
  3. Brave Combo - Never On Sunday (04:05)
    The title is from a famous 1960 movie\nstarring Melina Mercouri,but the song\nis very old. It is a Khasapiko, or sailor\ndance, and until modern times it was\ndanced exclusively by men.\n\nMain Dance\n\nAll dancers stand side by side with hands\non partn
  4. Brave Combo - Limbo Rock/Hand Jive (05:22)
    Limbo Rock was another fun dance\nhit by twistmeister Chubby Checker.\n"Limbo" comes from "limber", which you\ngotta be to go reallow.\n\n"Hand Jive," a big hit for Johny Otis, tells\nthe story ofanother family made dysfunctional\nby dance. Its Bo Diddle
  5. Brave Combo - The Hustle (04:08)
    Now it can be told:\nDisco doesn't suck!\nJohn Travolta is a big star\nagain and Van McCoy's\n"The Hustle" is ready to\ntake its place among the\nworld's greatest group\ndances.\n\nThere have been many variations of the Hustle.\nThe following are the basi
  6. Brave Combo - The Chicken Dance (02:42)
    Time was in Europe when\npeople would stop their cards,\nget out,and dance when this song\ncame on the radio. It's back!\nJoe Cripps puts the poultry\nin poetry with his opening haiku.\n\nAll dancers form a circle facing the center.\n\nPart 1.\n\n1. Hold
  7. Brave Combo - Mana Vu (04:19)
    This is a lovely, tranquil Israeli dance\ninvented by Raya and Josef Spivak,\nutilizing the Yemenite step (that double\nscissoringmovement).\n\nAll dancers stand in a circle facing the\ncenter andholding hands.\n\nPart 1.\n\n1. Tap right foot towards cent
  8. Brave Combo - The Jeffrey (04:01)
    The band once discovered \nJeffrey Barnes doing this dance all\nby himself in a corner. He denies\nall responsibility, as his conscious\nmind was elsewhere at the time.\n\nPart 1\n\nAll dancers get on dance floor(with great\nenthusiasm).\n\n1. Do nothing
  9. Brave Combo - Peanut Vendor (03:36)
    This is probably the most famous\nCuban song of all, and a marvelous\nexcuse for a conga line. Quotations\nfrom "Salt Peanuts" and "The Peanut\nPolka" make this version particularly\nleguminous.\n\nAll dancers form a single file line with\nyour hands on
  10. Brave Combo - Jeopardy (Schottische) (01:28)
    The real title of this song is "Thinking Music."\nIt was writtenby Merv Griffin and is used as its\nreal title indicates on everybody's favorite game\nshow.\n\nAll dancers stand side by side witharms around\npartners' shoulders.\n\nPart 1\n\n1. Step right
  11. Brave Combo - The Hokey Pokey (Go-Go Style) (03:00)
    (see track number one)
  12. Brave Combo - The Bunny Hop (03:29)
    Cute dance for children or modern fertility\nrite? That's the same thing, isn't it? This\nversion features an Aboriginal\ndronepipe (the didgeridoo) and quotations\nfrom "Peter Cottontail" and Duke Ellington's\n"Cottontail."\n\nAll dancers form a single

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