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Nomad step 4th (2003)
The Nomad: step 4th (2003)\n\n[smokecds.com review]\n\nFollowing on the success of his third album, 'Level Three', the Nomad\nhas outdone all expectations with his stunning new album, 'Step 4th'.\nFeaturing a number of local artists and several from offshore, the\nlong-player is a tribute to the Wellington-based artist's evolving\ntalent as an inventive and original producer of contemporary\nadventures in sound.\n\nThe album commences with the chilled out "Open Your Eyes", driven by\nthe gorgeous vocals of old-schooler Pepsi Demacque (once of Pepsi &\nShirley), and featuring contributions from MC Antsman, Jo Lindsey\n(Fat Freddy's Drop) and Tehimana Kerr (Fat Freddy's Drop) among\nothers. "Keep Your Mind Free" continues in the vein of a\nconscientious message set within an enticing arrangement of live\ninstrumentation fused with electronic innovations. "Check The Pitch"\nfeatures none other than the environmentally-conscious Mad Professor\ntaking on vocal duties, and this contribution alone is testament to\nthe Nomad's prominence in the circles of the musical elite, while\nBrazilian diva Alda Rezende guests on the enticingly rhythmic\n"Waves". The pace is given the hurry-up on "Powered by the Sun",\nbefore lapsing into the dubbed-out remix of the Black Seeds' "Home\nAgain". Closing track "Just One Step" offers a more sparse beat,\nfeaturing uncomplicated vocals by Lotus, and violin by Jakem.\n\nBringing together a wide range of collaborators has resulted in a\ndiverse yet coherent album from the Nomad, and one that is bound to\nreceive the acclaim it deserves. Self-produced, and recorded and\nmastered at York St Studios in Auckland, 'Step 4th' was mixed at the\nNomad's Houghton Bay studio. The result is a is a perfect slice of\ndubbed-out NZ electronica that will appeal to fans of recent work by\nJet Jaguar, Salmonella Dub, 50Hz, Flash Harry, Kog's excellent 'Dub\nCombinations' series.
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 63min 11sec.
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  1. Nomad - open your eyes (05:31)
  2. Nomad - keep your mind free (05:03)
  3. Nomad - check the pitch (05:45)
  4. Nomad - destinations (05:47)
  5. Nomad - waves (07:04)
  6. Nomad - connected to the rhythm (04:59)
  7. Nomad - take a sip (05:33)
  8. Nomad - powered by the sun (06:07)
  9. Nomad - home again (05:27)
  10. Nomad - just one step (11:47)

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