The Go! Team: Are You Ready For More? (Australian Tour EP) CD Track Listing

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The Go! Team Are You Ready For More? (Australian Tour EP) (2005)
Also packaged with the original Go! Team album as a bonus disc in Australia.
This misc cd contains 6 tracks and runs 18min 33sec.
Freedb: 56045706
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  1. The Go! Team - Bottle Rocket (Single Version) (03:35)
  2. The Go! Team - The Ice Storm (03:32)
  3. The Go! Team - We Listen Every Day (02:48)
  4. The Go! Team - Hold Yr Terror Close (02:53)
  5. The Go! Team - Do You Feel It Too? (03:18)
  6. The Go! Team - We Just Won't Be Defeated (02:23)

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