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Various Songs From The Loft (1993)
1993, Reunion Records\nProduced by Gary Chapman and Jim Dineen\nExecutive Producers: Amy Grant and Jennifer Cooke
This misc cd contains 11 tracks and runs 33min 56sec.
Freedb: a207f20b
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  1. Michael W. Smith - What We've Come Here For (02:31)
    Performed by Michael W. Smith
  2. Donna McElroy - I Got The Want To (02:43)
    Performed by Donna McElroy
  3. Susan Ashton - Seek First (02:28)
    Performed by Susan Ashton
  4. Wes King - Joy! (03:01)
    Performed by Wes King
  5. Ashley Cleveland & Gary Chapman - Where Do I Go (03:22)
    Performed by Ashley Cleveland and Gary Chapman
  6. Amy DeLaine - Salt and Light (02:15)
    Performed by Amy Delaine
  7. Kim Hill - How Do You Know (01:48)
    Performed by Kim Hill
  8. Michael James - We Come To Praise (04:11)
    Performed by Michael James
  9. Amy Grant - We Believe In God (03:43)
    Performed by Amy Grant
  10. Gary Chapman - Hope Set High (03:24)
    Performed by Gary Chapman
  11. Amy Grant - Hey Now (04:22)
    Performed by Amy Grant

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