Various Artists: Get It, Got It, Groove CD Track Listing

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Various Artists Get It, Got It, Groove (1994)
#57704\nmanuf'd by columbia records\n550 madison ave\nnew york, ny 10022-3211\nc1994 sony music entertainment\np1993 miami soul records Inc\np1992, 1993, 1994 sony music ent.
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 61min 39sec.
Freedb: 870e710a
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  1. Various Artists - Lalomie Washburn / Try My Love (06:21)
    l washburn, m mcenvoy
  2. Various Artists - Bass Hit Crew; Diana King / You Give Good Love (06:38)
    (featuring diana king)\nd shaw, p daou, v daou, k fisher\n
  3. Various Artists - Fog, The; Dorothy Mann / Been a Long Time (07:32)
    r falcon
  4. Various Artists - Arline Burton / Shot in the Dark (06:22)
    eddie arroyo, debbie cole
  5. Various Artists - K. London Production Club, The; Gina Bright / Who's Gonna Luv Me (04:30)
    (featuring gina bright)\nk olufowobi
  6. Various Artists - K. London Production Club, The; Maydie Myles / I Believe (04:13)
    k olufowobi
  7. Various Artists - Bizarre Inc; Angie Brown / I'm Gonna Get You - Original Flavour Mix (05:19)
    (featuring angie brown)\nbizarre in, tony c
  8. Various Artists - Trance Form; Kari Taylor / Free (05:14)
    (featuring kari taylor)\ng brembilla, d ruberto
  9. Various Artists - Kenny Bobien / Just Keep Reachin' - Bop 'Til You Drop Mix (06:47)
    (bop 'til you drop mix)\np scott, s thompson\n
  10. Various Artists - Tiger / Nobody Move - Orfus Green Mix (08:36)
    (orfus green mix)\nd kelly, n jackson

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