Trauma: TB O NOT 2B CD Track Listing

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Trauma TB O NOT 2B
Behind the Trauma project stands Guy Peled, the creative mind a.k.a Beat Hackers.\n\nTrauma is Guy's revolutionary solo project that will make great changes in the Psychedelic trance book of life.\n\nThis album is loaded with wild TB sound while its unique concept and its atomic drive totally rule the atmosphere. Those new and advanced Psychedelic ideas control the dance floors worldwide by offering an alternative to anything that you had ever listened and experienced in the past.\n\nTrauma, the occurrence which occurred in the past is forever memorized to the heart - as the first level of this complexed adrenaline texture.\n\nTB-O-NOT-2B as no other alternative available...\n\nStyle: Psytrance\n\nReleased: Nov. 2004/47
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 70min 18sec.
Freedb: 9210780a
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  1. Trauma - Dance With Me (06:50)
  2. Trauma - Step Off (07:17)
  3. Trauma - Revolution (06:46)
  4. Trauma - TB-O-NOT-2B (07:33)
  5. Trauma - Atomic Fusion (07:37)
  6. Trauma - Traumatic (06:27)
  7. Trauma - Gurumania (07:20)
  8. Trauma - Wide Moment (07:22)
  9. Trauma - Realistic Drugs (07:06)
  10. Trauma - The Master is Asleep (05:54)

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