The Chemical Brothers: Brother's Gonna Work It Out CD Track Listing

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The Chemical Brothers Brother's Gonna Work It Out (1998)
This misc cd contains 5 tracks and runs 68min 59sec.
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  1. The Chemical Brothers - Brother's Gonna Work It Out, Not another Drugstore, Blorck Rockin' Beats, This Ain't Chicago, It's Just Begun (10:52)
  2. The Chemical Brothers - Makin' A Living, The Chase, The Theme, Gimme Some Love (09:13)
  3. The Chemical Brothers - The Jazz, Sidewinder, Doin' It After Dark, Don't Stop The Rock, To A Nation Rockin' (15:37)
  4. The Chemical Brothers - Morning Lemon, Mars Needs Women, Thunder, Losing Control, Mother Earth (14:51)
  5. The Chemical Brothers - The Riot, Trip Harder, Everything Must Go, I Think I'm in Love (18:21)

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