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Ezio Diesel Vanilla (1997)
1997 Universal Music (UK) Ltd.\n\nAll songs written by Ezio Lunedei.\nProduced by Peter Van Hooke and Rod Argent\nRecorded at RedHouse Studios.\nRecorded and mixed by Simon Smart.\nMixed at Abbey Road Studios assisted by Paul Hicks.\nMastered by Tim Young.\nPublished by Dizzy Heights Music Publishing Ltd.\n\nEzio Lunedei:Vocals, guitar, mandolin and harmonica.\nMark Fowell (Booga): Guitars.\nJohn Giblin: Bass (all except *).\nMo Foster: Bass (*on Cinderella, Moon, Maybe Sometimes).\nPeter Van Hooke: Drums.\nRod Argent: Keyboards.\nPatrick Kiernan, Gavin Wright, Boguslav Kostecki & Wilfred Gibson: Violins.\nPeter Lale, Philip Dukes: Viola's.\nAndy Pleath, Paul Kegg: Celli\nString arrangemnts by Rod Argent.\n
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 44min 29sec.
Freedb: 7c0a6b0a
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  1. Ezio - Deeper (04:15)
  2. Ezio - Moon (04:22)
  3. Ezio - Accordion Girl (04:50)
  4. Ezio - Cinderella (04:20)
  5. Ezio - One More Walk Round The Dancefloor (04:57)
  6. Ezio - Maybe Sometimes (04:18)
  7. Ezio - Alex (04:26)
  8. Ezio - Call You Tomorrow (03:58)
  9. Ezio - All The Dreams (04:52)
  10. Ezio - Back On Your Own Again (04:05)

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