The Saddle Club: L.I.F.E (Single) CD Track Listing

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The Saddle Club L.I.F.E (Single) (2004)
The saddle Club L.I.F.E signle, includes extended versions of many Saddle Club songs. This Disc was released at The Saddle Club Melbourne Tour (Sunday, September 20, 2004)
This misc cd contains 5 tracks and runs 17min 52sec.
Freedb: 36042e05
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  1. The Saddle Club - L.I.F.E (02:40)
  2. The Saddle Club - Au Revoir Dorothee (Extended version) (04:11)
    Lead Vocal: Keenan MacWilliam
  3. The Saddle Club - Kinda Wonderful (Extended Version) (04:01)
    Lead Vocal: Sophie Bennett
  4. The Saddle Club - We Love You Pepper (03:10)
    Lead Vocal: Lara Jean Marshall
  5. The Saddle Club - Pop Astronauts (03:45)
    Vocals: Heli Simpson and Kia Luby

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