Susanna Macdonald: Best of Nothing Yet CD Track Listing

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Susanna Macdonald Best of Nothing Yet (2008)
Written, performed, arranged & produced by Susanna Macdonald.Engineered, mixed & co-produced by Nick Moore at Banana Row Studios, Edinburgh.http://www.susannamacdonald.com/
This misc cd contains 5 tracks and runs 22min 21sec.
Freedb: 3f053b05
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  1. Susanna Macdonald - Insomniatic (04:24)
    this is what it sounds like in my head
  2. Susanna Macdonald - About being a bitch (03:41)
    maybe it's just me
  3. Susanna Macdonald - Oldest friend (04:27)
    remembering skye
  4. Susanna Macdonald - Succubus (06:04)
    demon drink, morning madnessCello by Shona Thompson
  5. Susanna Macdonald - Remembered laughter (live) (03:41)
    on his last evening

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