Doo-Dads: You Are Here CD Track Listing

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Doo-Dads You Are Here (2003)
Joe plays drums, Mike plays guitar, \nBill plays the keyboard, and Matt plays\n the guitar. \n\nThank you to everyone who supports \nthe Doo-Dads, especially our wives \nand families who inspire us daily. \n\nwww.thedoodads.com\n
This misc cd contains 5 tracks and runs 8min 57sec.
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  1. Doo-Dads - Doo-Dad Theme (00:46)
  2. Doo-Dads - Let's Help Out (02:55)
  3. Doo-Dads - The Ball Song (02:12)
  4. Doo-Dads - Papa Oom-Mow-Mow (02:00)
  5. Doo-Dads - Return of the Doo-Dads (00:59)

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